Interview of Cricket Fans – 180


Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us a bit about yourself and your early memories of the game.

At my home, everyone likes cricket so I remember I started watching it when I was 5 but I don’t remember, that at all. In 2015 I seriously started watching cricket with ICC World Cup 2015, taking interest in IPL and in 2015 Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni were not performing well, So I remember Rahane doing well in 2015 in IPL where he scored 540 runs and he ended up being India’s highest run-getter in ODIs in 2015 so I always have a soft corner for him.

Then, the first time I took interest in tests was IND vs SA test series at home in 2015 and that series is still the best test series I witnessed (although Australian series 2020-21 was best). In 2016, I felt lucky that I witnessed Virat Kohli’s peak, that IPL with those 200s in our home season, then in 2016 I started taking interest in cricket happening anywhere in the world, whatever the match is whichever league it is or even highlights of 90’s matches it doesn’t matter I became criccrazy from 2016.

Tell us about your YouTube channel and the kind of content you post there.

There is a lot of entertainment available on my channel, you can find my acting videos, fantasy tips by Vibhor Shrivastava and previews and reviews of cricket series by cricket experts, comedy videos, funny dance videos. I post youtube shorts also which have lots of entertainment in less than 60 seconds.  Every possible content is available on my channel.

Vibhor Shrivastava’s YouTube –

You have posted videos on various topics in your channel, and also you have been getting good traction for your content, how does it feel when a particular video does well?

Yes, I post videos on various topics, so it feels wonderful when viewers our loving my content. Just for example, If I am posting a sad acting video and viewers are commenting we have tears in our eyes, so that’s like a win for me, that is a motivation for me to do more and there are fantasy tips videos which are also there on my channel so if viewers are winning in fantasy cricket because of taking my advice so it feels great that because of me someone has won and when subscribers increase it like a motivation/appreciation for me.

Tell us a bit about your acting, although it’s not related to Cricket, but is it something that you enjoy coming up with such content on your channel?

Acting is really close to me, I am a theatre artist and I have been doing acting for the last 4-5 years. So for acting, there are different viewers on my channel those who wait for my acting videos that why I have fixed that every friday at 10:00 am you will have a new video of my acting.

I always try to do different acting to show my versatility and viewers are also loving it so it motivates me to make more videos on acting.

Tell us about your favourite player and favourite IPL team.

See, there are many favourite players, I don’t have any particular favourite player, yes, but I love watching some players batting like Virat, Gayle, Rahane, Kl Rahul and I am forgetting many in bowlers Bumrah, Bhuvi, Malinga so there are many favourite players of mine, there is Sir Jadeja also and talking about favourite IPL team so again I don’t support any team, I just love watching IPL, as I said I like Gayle so I wish he scores and then get out to Bumrah and in IPL, I seriously play fantasy cricket so I want whichever team I have created to should perform, but as I said I just watch IPL for entertainment and fun.

Which aspect of Cricket do you enjoy watching the most, as a fan.

Hmmm, there isn’t any aspect which I do not like to watch, I love every aspect of the game but in all three formats and IPL, I love test cricket the most. Coming back to aspects in T20 I like to see big sixes rather than wickets in ODI, I love watching the first 10 overs and last 10 and in test cricket, every aspect is amazing, nothing boring.

Predictions for the England series as well as T20 World Cup?

Talking about England series I believe one test match will be washed out and one will be drawn and out of the remaining three, it should be 2-1 for India but it’s going to be really difficult for India to win against England at their home but anything can happen in cricket if we can beat them in 2007 then why can’t we beat in 2021. All the best team.

Now coming onto the T20 World cup we should be winning this with the players we are having, I am expecting Surya/KL Rahul to be our X factors and Jadeja, yes Jadeja because if Hardik doesn’t come back to his best form then Jadeja will be having a responsibility to finish the innings and games so hopefully he does the way he does it for CSK and hopefully Hardik gets his form back. And we might be playing final against World Champions West Indies and we will take revenge.

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