Interview of Cricket Fans – 174 – ROHIT SHARMA


Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us your earliest memory of this sport.

There has been good chemistry between us – Me and Cricket. I started watching it during the 2013 IPL. My father was a very big fan of Ponting then and the moment he stepped down from Captaincy, my father got shocked that how could that happen. Of course, Ponting is a good player and captain as well but they did what they did. So that time the news came out that Ro will captain MI and my father began the talks of MI daily more and more than earlier. Hence my mind got attracted to it and started being involved in it.

Usually, I used to play gully cricket in the backyard with slightly older guys than me (I was 9 then). But this IPL made me think that cricket is something that can give you energy in the summer vacations. MI won their maiden trophy there and I started loving it much more than earlier as it was like I got the IPL trophy.

Let’s talk about the cricketer in your display picture, how much does he mean to you?

Just like I said I started loving cricket because of Rohit Sharma, hence he is the cricketer in my display picture or that whatever you said. His unique batting style, his comeback to Int’l cricket in late 2012, his captaincy excellence are few things among what I like about him. We hear a lot of talks about the great Legend MS, that he remains very calm and composed in pressure situations. I think Rohit is also the same as we could see how he led MI to 5 titles through those high-pressure games. I do not only love him but I take a few things from him which I can make use of in my personal life.

Must have been tough as a fan to see him get good starts in both the innings in the finals of the WTC, few words on his performance against New Zealand in England?

Yeah, it was very difficult to see him getting out. This was tough for the whole of India and not just for me. We all know how he can go if he gets in a rhythm and I felt he was getting that rhythm over there. But unfortunately, those particular moments were not made for him. No worries, he will do it soon and he will do it with his own style. I expect him to hit a special knock in the WTC final 2023, provided India gets there. And that special knock has to be Ro special, that is Daddy Hundred.

Which is your favourite Rohit Sharma double century, and share your memories associated with that knock?

Of course, it has to be the first one. That 209 against Australia at M. Chinnaswamy. Actually, that was the last game of a pretty long ODI series and Rohit’s fever was increasing in my mind day by day. I was travelling to my village when he celebrated that 200. But I asked the ticket conductor of the bus to hand over his mobile to me to see the score. He was my relative though but the whole bus was happy to know of the knock.

Talking about our team, are there any changes you would like to see in our current setup before we take on England in August?

Yes, there are. I want to see the Mayank-Rohit pair back. And it is happening as Gill got out of the series. Other than that all is OK. I heard some talks about replacing Pujara. I think this is not fair. You have to back the players and especially the players who are well known to you. So I think he will show all the talkers what he can do.
Other than that, there is no need to change. Ravi is perfect at their stage and so are the 3 pacers. Especially I would like to mention or we can say it my prediction that Bumrah will be the highest wicket-taker of the series. 

Which Indian fast bowler has impressed you the most in the last four years?

It has to be Jasprit Bumrah and it is. I think there is no need to explain his capabilities and abilities here. No one can be judged on his performance in a match or two. We all know what he has given to MI and Team India as well. And much more to come. His stat numbers are brilliant, his bowling mixture and variations are brilliant, his mind is very sharp and hence he is brilliant. I am confident in the prediction I made in the previous section. So let’s see how the young man goes.

What are your expectations for the T20 World Cup that will be happening later this year in the UAE?  

The only expectation is that: India wins the tournament. That’s set.
Because I want to see Virat winning a trophy with a lot of questions on his captaincy. I don’t like that. I mean he has taken Team India to a huge level and still he is targeted every time India fails. Being a Rohit fan you will not expect me to say this but this is what it is.

“My expectations from Rohit in future cricket: 200 in T20, 300 in ODI and 400 in Test. These are actually expectable and achievable for him so I expect it.”

It was nice to talk to you and hope we talk again soon. Thank you.

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