Interview of Cricket Fans – 170 – INDIA


Thank you for your participation in this interview, share your memories of each ICC event India won in the past 13 years.

2007 T20I WC – I was a 7-year-old boy and just started following cricket. I didn’t even know the difference between test, ODI and T20I and didn’t even know what is World Cup. Everyone in our area was curiously following this World Cup. When India plays, everyone gathered together in the streets to watch the match. I, too, sat amongst them and enjoyed the game. After beating Pakistan in a thriller final, everyone started jumping and yelling with joy, no words to express that moment. That day I got the answer to these questions… what is World Cup? And what is cricket here in India?

2011 — I was grown a little. 10 years old. Became a cricket addict. With the same area members, I used to watch this World Cup. This time I was the very first guy to gather. As a Yuvraj fan, this World Cup was always my favourite. Still, I get goosebumps if I remember those three knockout matches. Yuvi’s finishing vs Aus, beating the rivalry Pakistan in the semi-final and the dramatic finals vs SL. I still remember the moment when everyone started walking off after Sachin Tendulkar got out. But finally, India won and that night the whole city celebrated it like a festival. Bursting crackers in the streets, distributing sweets. Everyone started shouting India…. India….. Still waiting for those lovely moments to happen again.

2013 CT – actually I missed this match. Rain ruined this match completely. I thought there was no possibility of continuing the match so I went to sleep. Then the next day, whole newspapers and TV’s were filled with the great news. India became the champions. Still feeling for missing the finals.

Who is your favourite Indian cricketer? And why?

My favourite cricketer will always be Yuvraj Singh. At the time I started following Cricket, this man was smashing and rocking. I remember the words that my father told me during the T20I WorldCup “He is smashing every ball to boundaries and sixes”. It was at that moment I became his fan.

India has been blessed with many stalwarts who have been given a lot of appreciation for their hard work, who, according to you, are those underrated stalwarts who haven’t got much appreciation than they deserved?

Underrated – There are many. But I want to tell you three names. Amit Mishra, Robin Uthappa and Dinesh Karthik. I really feel sad for these three players for not giving enough chances.

India vs Pakistan, India vs Australia, India vs England, out of these three, which contest do you enjoy watching the most? And why? Also, mention your favourite match.

Undoubtedly, IND vs Pak for sure. The first reason is, nowadays, we are not witnessing more Indo-Pak clashes in the field. So whenever these teams play, it was a feast. It’s been a decade, these teams played test matches with each other. I definitely want to witness a test match clash between the both.

Your favourite team in the IPL and few words on that team?

Basically, a Yuvraj Singh fan didn’t have a permanent favourite team in IPL. But Mumbai Indians is my favourite from the beginning. I just want to tell you one thing about this team – Sachin Tendulkar. I think this one name is enough instead of explaining.

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