Interview of Cricket Fans – 169 – PAKISTAN


Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your earliest memory of watching this sport.

First of all, thank you for considering me, always enjoyed your interviews and it’s a sort of a unique thing in my whole Twitter circle.

To be honest, I haven’t been following this sport as old as compared to others, it all started after the 2015 CWC.

But still, the earliest memory has to be 2011 SF between India and Pakistan, that loss and after that at the end seeing Sachin on shoulders of Indian players and Shoaib Akhtar retiring, so 2011 was the earliest clear memory.

Being a fan of Pakistan Cricket has its ups and downs, tell us about your emotions attached to this team as a fan.

Being a fan of the Pakistan Cricket Team, you have to be ready for any unpredictable outcome, anything can happen on the ground or some off-field stuff. Since I am following it, there has been a see-saw ride. Seniors retiring, new team building but more of dramatic stuff happened before me following it, but still have a lot of good moments to celebrate. And you can’t express your emotional attachment with the national team in words.

Who was your favourite player growing up and why?

Sarfaraz has to be my favourite player, I started following PCT due to him but like most Pakistani’s, Afridi was the real childhood star who attracted me and many others.

When you look at the current Pakistani squad, mention the things that you like and dislike.

The current Pakistani squad has got a lot of talented players, and youngsters who can serve for longer period of time which makes me happy.

I like the way our new team is forming but at the same time dislike how we suddenly take a youngster to sky heights and forget the already playing/senior and all of his contributions.

Babar Azam, Shaheen Afridi and now M. Rizwan, who is emerging out to be a potential future for Pakistan, happy with how things have gone for the wicketkeeper?

Babar, Shaheen, Rizwan are now a type of Rohit, Virat and Bumrah for us, our BIG 3.

I think everyone would pray that things turn around for them just like it did for Rizwan, from being nowhere to being one of our main players, it has been fantastic.

India vs Pakistan matches are always exciting to watch, mention your fondest memories between these two sides.

Missing India vs Pakistan bilateral matches, have some memories of last bilateral series but earliest and fondest has to be 2011 CWC semifinals.

What are the things that the Pakistan team would like to rectify going into the World T20 later this year?

Quite a few things to rectify, especially our batting order still is not clear who’s going to bat at which number. No established finisher currently in the lineup.

Also, have to look at who are going to be our spinners. Shaheen, Hassan are the main pacers, still, Rauf has been leaking for some reason have concern on third main pacer. Amir returning, Wahab or any other.

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