Interview of Cricket Fans – 168 – NEW ZEALAND


Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us your earliest memory with respect to Cricket and how long have you been following this sport.

I am following Cricket since 2009 and I watched the 2009 CT and that was a bit of a bad feeling for me as NZ played so well at CT but again they lost in the finals.

It was a long wait for an ICC event victory, and the way New Zealand played especially post 2015 World Cup was outstanding, how does it feel to be finally crowned as the World Champions?

It was a bit of an emotional feeling for me, this team had done a lot every time but got knocked out in the semi-finals or final, sometimes because of rules too. It was an emotional one when I saw NZ win a trophy because I have been supporting this team a lot and finally god has made them the champions.

Everyone stepped up at some stage during the whole course of the tournament, be it Tom Latham on top of the order, Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor in the middle, or the pace bowlers doing their bit with the ball, how would you like to sum up their whole journey?

They all were amazing and their contribution to the team is the reason we won the World Test Championship final. Felt bad when we lost to Aussies 3-0 in Australia and there was a doubt we will win or not but we bounced back and won and also NZ is the only team that did not lose at home in WTC. India, Australia, England every team lost at home but NZ did not lose a single game in WTC at home, that shows how important the matches and that class from player’s Henry Nicholls impressed me a lot.

Who impressed you the most among the pace bowlers and why is it Kyle Jamieson?

Kyle Jamieson is becoming the heart of NZ bowling and the way he bowls to anyone with his plan makes him the best bowler. His plans were also awesome, he sometimes bowls outside off and sometimes in good length in lbw zone in the first innings of WTC final, Virat got out by the same length, he tried to defend the ball which came inside, then he bowled the short ball and that’s how Virat got out, Kyle is one of the reasons we won the tournament.

That Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson partnership in the second innings was so crucial, was there a bit of nervousness as a fan when those two wickets fell?

Yeah, that was a crucial partnership and Ross Taylor’s experience helped a lot for NZ and Indian bowlers created pressure on him but his ability to rotate strike helped the team and Kane was superb he deserved the half-century thanks to Bumrah who dropped the catch.

It was also BJ Watling’s final test for NZ, few words on the wicketkeeper who has scored those ‘tough runs’ as some would say?

Just one word phenomenal his contribution for the nz side is so much great and the most successful wk of NZ and I love his batting.

While there are those who have appreciated the maiden ICC victory for New Zealand, there are also some who have questioned their inclusion in the finals of this tournament, your thoughts?

Losers give excuses, their question should not be on NZ their question should be on ICC.

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