“Easily the best day on this app” – When a cricket analyst went viral on Twitter

Cricket, it’s a beautiful sport, but it’s also a complicated one. It’s a game of technique and skills. It’s where not just physical strength is tested, but mental strength as well. It’s a game of patience. Surely, those who have played the game at a certain level would know how difficult it is to make it through. And also have all the knowledge regarding the nitty-gritty of the sport. This is why you would see more ex-cricketers talking about the sport from the commentary box. But what about the one’s who may have not played the game at a higher level?

Fans. They complete the sport. They are the one’s who make the game wholesome. Without them, the game would just become stagnant. It’s their support that brings the best out of athletes. But fans have their opinion too. And not just opinion, but they have their own way of thinking about the game. They may not have played the sport or must have played but not at the higher level, but they do have an understanding of the game, the little things and cricket is a sport filled with technicalities and analytics in multiple aspects. They also do contribute to the sport one way or another. This article is about a certain fan who has combined knowledge and made use of it through digital resources to create content that has the whole cricketing fraternity talk about.

@flighteld_leggie is an account on Twitter that posts video-based analysis on players and tries to present us with insights that others may have missed.

There are multiple videos that this account has produced but in this article, I will be focusing on the video which has been a huge hit and has been talked about by many popular personalities as well.

On April 11, 2021, at 6:47 am IST, @flighted_leggie posted a video on the mystery spinner Rashid Khan. What was the video about? It was about the genius of Rashid Khan that how he was able to smartly trap the batsmen and send him back to the pavilion in a BBL game. One can look at the embedded tweet below and see the brilliance of Rashid Khan with the ball on one hand, and the elite analysis masterpiece on the other.

This video was well received and appreciated amongst the cricket fraternity as popular personalities like Harsha Bhogle, Nasser Hussain, Mike Haysman, Tabrez Shamsi and many others quoted the tweet appreciating both, the person who is on the video, and the person who made the video.

And of course, once something goes viral, it spreads like wildfire. The post was also appreciated by the main man himself.

Below are some reactions by fans that went gaga over this masterpiece.
You can also read more about @flighted_leggie’s work on the same in this article below.

How to play Rashid Khan?

When you come across such brilliant work done by people who are still trying to understand the game on a deeper level, you realise that it doesn’t matter whether you represent the country or even pick a bat/ball at all, all that matters is one’s knowledge and understanding of the sport, how much effort you put in and how much are you able to express yourself with the tools and resources that you have. Of course, I do not mean any disrespect to those who have played the game at a certain level, but if you receive appreciation from the same people, it means that you have done something tremendous.

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