Interview of Cricket Fans – 164 – INDIA


Thank you for your participation in this interview, please tell us your early memories of cricket.

My family were cricket fanatics and that’s how I was introduced and developed an interest in watching and playing this sport. I remember watching my first international series between India vs West Indies in 2006 and that was a crazy experience because I got to watch the likes of Rahul Dravid, Harbhajan Singh, Brian Lara and Chris Gayle. The experience so far has been an exciting one.

Few words on the cricketer you have as your display picture?

So, the player’s name in my display picture is a Tamil Nadu domestic batsman and talented flashy batsman called N. Jagadeesan. Even though my favourite players are Rohit Sharma and Chris Gayle but Jaggi has a special role in my life. I remember watching him live in a TNPL match a few years ago where he scored a fifty on a tough pitch and since then, I have been a big admirer of him and have been following him since he started playing for Tamil Nadu and in TNPL.

📷 – Jagadeesan’s Instagram

Tell us about what you like and dislike as an Indian cricket fan.

Being an Indian Cricket fan has been crazy especially on Twitter for me. The best thing is that there are a various and a huge number of passionate emotional people with some great knowledge and lot of unity which we especially saw on 19 January, Gabba win where the atmosphere was electrifying.

On dislike has to be the kind of hate trolls, abuses and some personal attacks on different players like purposely you want them to fail and just slanders. All the xyz threads of ‘he is trash, overrated’ and trying to demean others achievements have to be the worst thing you see as an Indian fan.

And your second favourite team is Windies, tell us how long have you been following their cricket and your favourite cricketer.

Following West Indies has been a crazy experience over the years, some really good memories, some really horrific moments too. Has been around 14 years following, supporting and rallying behind them in different T20 World Cups, in all other different leagues and also being part of some bad defeats and whitewashes. My favourite player or you can say the idol and role model of my life is one and only Chris Gayle for me. Been his biggest fan, admirer, lover and passionate fan in bad moments but the universe boss has given me all the happiness and all to be proud of. Can’t express in words what he has contributed to my life and surely my all-time favourite batsman.

Your bio reads, “neutral on this toxic bird app”. Why is this place toxic in your opinion?

Yeah, I’m a Rohit Sharma and Chris Gayle fan but have been neutral here trying to support other players too. On twitter, I think toxicity is just that I have seen more people trolling others instead of stanning your favourite players. Whenever the India game happens, more people will pray that Rohit or Virat fails so we can slander him. Been crazy and I feel angry to see those xyz threads of a cricketer is overrated. For me, it has always been that just stan your favourite player instead of demeaning others achievements.

I am assuming your dream opening pair would be Rohit Sharma and Chris Gayle, how awesome would it be if these two opened together in a white ball match?

Obviously, that has been the biggest wish and dream. I would love to see my two favourite batsmen just walking together and smashing the bowlers. That would be a really crazy experience if I could witness it live only if it is possible with both aggressive kinds of players. It has been one of my bucket lists to see them open after retirement in any exhibition match or in any other way, I would just want to see them together.

In the end, want to thank you Jay bhai, for giving me this opportunity to give an interview and inviting me. Hopefully, everyone will like this.

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