Interview of Cricket Fans – 163 – INDIA


Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of this sport.

Firstly, Thank You, Jay, for letting me be a part of this. Glad you did so!

I’ve been a passionate cricket fan since 2015. I’m quite a sentimental one. I used to watch cricket before as well but turns out it wasn’t a journey exactly. There were just a few matches here and there (ICC events are exceptions. Missing out on them is a crime!).

I’ve got many faint memories of cricket from my childhood but the one that dominates my mind is going to be the World Cup Final, 2011! I was glued to that “Dabba TV” and watched everyone go beserk at that iconic six by Dhoni. My 7-year-old self even made a Mahi drawing, my mother tells me, So yes, 2011 WC is gonna be the one!

Which cricketer’s story inspires you the most?

I am a big fan of Virat Kohli, so I’d take his name. As a kid, I remember watching him in the 2011 WC and then winning the CT in 2013. It was 2014 when I started noticing (or following) him when he slog-swept a bowler for a 6. That whole world cup I witnessed his brilliance.

His story is inspiring to me because he came from a normal, middle-class background and eventually, with his hard work, made it big. If you’ve read “Driven-The Virat Kohli Story” by Vijay Lokapally, you’ll get to know how dedicated he was to the game from the very start. His passion resounded with me. His father’s loss was a shattering event but still, the guy didn’t budge. If you see, over the time his game has evolved a lot and he is the most consistent batsman. He looks to rectify his mistakes as we’ve seen in the 2018 Eng tour. He was looked upon as brash for swearing, having tattoos, doing Ads etc but with his performance, he made it very clear that “as long as you’re true to yourself and the game, nothing can budge you”. He’s the skipper now. So definitely Virat’s the one.

Other than him are MS Dhoni, AB De Villiers and Md. Siraj.

Does the sport bring a sense of peace to your life?

Yes. It definitely does. There’s nothing like watching your team win the match they sweated out and gave it their all for. It rejuvenates you. If allowed, I can sit and watch the game for the whole day supporting my favourites. The result is decisive in the kind of mood you’re gonna be in post-match but the process is beautiful. The game is everything.

Your favourite format of the game?

If you’d asked me the same question 3-4years ago, I’d have replied “ODI”. It, for me, was a perfect blend. Now, it’s TEST CRICKET easily.

I was always fascinated by it but the recent series of BGT 2020-21 and Ind vs Eng rekindled my belief. I can just sit in front of my screen and watch how bowlers run in for hours just to set up batsmen and get them out or how batsmen modify their game to stay longer on the crease. In 5 day tests, each day each session is a mini-match itself. Small battles that are needed to be one. One step at a time. It resounds to the philosophy of life: “coming back again”, whether you’ve done good or bad, you come back again to do your part. Plus there’s the historical annotation attached to it. The test is simply the best. Period.

How does it feel to be a fan of a cricket team that has won two Cricket World cups, a T20 World Cup, a Champions Trophy and have been the number one in the Test rankings for a long time?

Ecstatic. India’s got a rich cricketing history, something I am very proud of. If Indian cricket is a religion, I am an ardent devotee. On days I sit and google facts about the early cricketing days. I love reading autobiographies of players, knowing that extra tiny piece of information regarding a certain tour or event.

It feels great to see the players finally reaping the rewards for all they’ve done. As a cricket fan, you just feel overwhelmed and on the 7th heaven! All the screams, the shouts, the cries- they all build you. And they’re SO WORTH IT!

However, we’ve been trophy-less for quite some time now even though after being very consistent. We’ve missed out on big events thanks to “40-45” minutes of bad play. That hurts. I just hope tables turn soon and we clench the big cups too!

Being a fan of this sport, and the Indian team, are there any changes that you would like to see?

I wouldn’t want anything major as of now. One particular change I would like is to find a way to settle Rahul in the middle order in the Test side somehow. Maybe we can rotate some players. I feel his talent is getting wasted by just warming the bench with each passing tour.

Oh and get a stabilized middle order in the limited-overs. Every series we get few new young guns for the SAME no.3 spots or so (where we have seniors allotted anyway) Tho versatility is great, it does get irritating after one point! A lot confusing too.

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