Interview of Cricket Fans – 162 – INDIA

Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan and your early memories of the game.

Just like every Indian household story, my dad is a big cricket fan and he introduced me to cricket. I still remember we had a black and white TV back then, one of the initial matches I watched and understood was Sir Lara’s 400 vs ENG in 2004. I was just 5 years old. My dad was giving a standing ovation in front of our TV and with the highest amount of curiosity I asked “What happened Baba?” and he replied, “He scored 400 runs!”. I think that was it when I fell in love with the game, especially with the red cherry format. 

I spent my childhood listening to my Dad telling stories of the West Indies team, 1983 WC, the infamous India vs Pak where India bowled them for 87 while defending 120 odd score, Sachin in Sharjah, 2001 Dravid- Laxman, 2002 Dada Saga and the debacle of 2003.

Few matches that I remember the most like the second ODI of India vs Bangladesh in 2004 where India lost while chasing 229. I cried a lot that evening. A lot. Watching MSD at Vijayawada Railway Station, India bowling out Aus for 91 in 4th innings while defending 104 with an inexperienced side and I think the 7th ODI vs Aus in 2007-08 where India chased down 193 while they were struggling at 64/6. Zak and Murali Karthik took India to victory and after that, I think I remember almost all matches. So, those were the early memories of cricket.

There are so many stories that come out of this sport, which cricketer’s story inspires you the most?

Well, quite a lot of crickets have inspired me but the one at the top has been Sir Rahul Dravid. I haven’t seen any player as aggressive as him. The fact that the bowlers knew he is going to make us cry till the end of the day was phenomenal. Also, he truly represents the gentleman’s game. Uff! I can watch him leaving the delivery outside off for eternity.

Does this sport bring a sense of peace to your life?

Cricket is peace. The answer to everything lies in cricket. It’s like witnessing our soul in real.

Which is your favourite format of the game, and why?

Test cricket. It is the most exciting format. Man! People may say it’s so boring but I see the game in sessions and we all know how a single session can change everything. You will find me getting excited about every delivery and jumping off my seat if the red cherry is doing a bit. Waking up at 4 am to watch matches in NZ has a different kind of kick. I love the test format. Please don’t make it a four-day test.

How does it feel to be a fan of a cricket team that has won two Cricket World Cups, a T20 World Cup, a Champions Trophy and have been number one in the Test rankings for a long time?

I had goosebumps and tears even while reading this question, I guess that answer itself what it feels like to be an Indian cricket fan. It’s the best feeling in the universe.

According to you, what changes would you like to see in Indian Cricket?

I wish to see the Kulcha combination back and I think management is doing quite well. The only thing I would have them consider that the current Indian team needs to play more domestic matches, they are struggling to dominate on spinning track. Women’s cricket needs more marketing and push too.

Looking forward to the World Test Championship final on 18th?

Of course! It was right in this afternoon watching the XI of NZ against England I was thinking we don’t talk about NZ a lot. But the likes of Latham, Watling, Nicholls, Taylor Williamson, Wagner and the rest of the bowling lineup, they are a pretty tough side to beat. It’s already making me nervous. But I guess India will apply themselves well too. Praying Rohit gets to 3 figures. Totally excited for it. After all, 2019 wounds are still fresh.

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