Interview of Cricket Fans – 158


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan and your early memories of the game.

First of all a big thanks to you for having me do this interview and share my views on several aspects of the game.

I am a first-year engineering student and a cricket blogger, my tryst with this sport can be traced back to the times when I was a 6-7-year-old child later I joined a cricket academy in my town played decent age-group cricket and so after a series of events ventured into cricket blogging. I have worked with cricxtasy and sportskeeda and I write my own blogs as well which have received a decent bit of appreciation from several journalists and cricket analysts across the globe.

J – Which Cricketer did you idolize growing up?

Well, honestly speaking, I started watching cricket right from the time India suffered a humiliation at the 2007 world cup. The 2007 England test series win and the way Dravid handled the team after the World Cup debacle that really had a last impression on me and so I grew up idolising Rahul Dravid all through my childhood.

J – Tell us about your favourite cricket book.

I have read quite a few cricket books and I do read them because I feel one can learn a plethora of things from great cricketers. For me, “A Century Is Not Enough” to stand out amongst all the cricket books I have gone through. The never say die attitude of the Prince of Calcutta, his obsession for the game and more importantly the comeback story after being snubbed is one that I feel can inspire anyone trying to excel in any of the fields in life.

J – Which cricket website/app do you rely on for news and other stuff?

It’s pretty difficult to single out one, I do follow Cricbuzz, then Cricinfo their blogs are way too informative and then there is the legendary Jarrod Kimber whose YouTube channel is one of the ages!

J – There is a perception that cricket is called a batsmen’s game. Do you agree?

This is an interesting question. Well, I had read it somewhere that cricketing being called a batsmen’s game has historical reasons. When cricket started in England, the rich people who played the sport were called amateurs and the poor who played for an earning were called professionals. The amateurs obviously by virtue of richness were socially superior and thus tended to be one with the willows and their poorer counterparts were mostly fast bowlers. Since the amateurs were socially elite, they were called gentlemen, all benefits of doubts were given to the batsmen. This is the prime reason cricket is called a batsmen’s game, I think in the modern cricketing sense, this has a very little significance.

J – What is going to happen on the 18th, according to you?

The all-important question that matters today and has all cricket fans hooked up to this five days of June. Well, after having gone through both the squads and their recent performances, I feel both of the teams have a strong bowling lineup or rather arguably two of the best bowling sides in test cricket currently and then looking at the batting prowess both looked evenly matched with a slight shift of momentum on the kiwi side considering Devon Conway’s latest exploits so, in my opinion, the team who bats well might end up with the silverware.

J – Would you rather want India to win the finals of the WTC or the England series?

A very tricky question to sign off sir, being someone who loves test cricket to the core, winning a five match test series in England has always been soemthing that I had rooted for but if given a choice between either the WTC final or Pataudi Trophy I would choose WTC final anyday because this is something similar to World Cup trophy in ODI and being labelled a World Champion and having an ICC trophy after nine long years is something that we all have been waiting for especially after the 2019 heartbreak coincidentally by the hands of the Kiwis. I hope Virat’s men will conquer this final frontier!

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