Interview of Cricket Fans – 156


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan and your early memories of the game.

The first game I saw was Ind vs Pak 2007 WC final. I went to my masi’s (aunt) home for dinner and there I saw that match. I had never seen any cricket match before. I remember when misbah was taking the game away from India, before the final over, my masaji told me to bring the shoe and he literally did something superstitious with it in front of TV like you can say ‘najar utarna’. I really enjoyed that game.

J – What is the positive impact of this sport on your life?

So after the first game my interest in cricket started growing. I started playing cricket with my colony friends and I really used to feel happy. Those were the best days of my life. We used to play cricket from the morning till evening. So it really made a very positive impact of life and still there is nothing which can make me happy as much as cricket.

J – Which cricketer’s story inspires you the most?

Since the IPL started there are many inspiration stories coming out. The recent one is Chetan Sakariya’s story which really inspires a lot.

J – Which venue would you love to visit and watch a cricket match live?

Though I think Lords and Melbourne are the venues where I’d like watch a match but I think watching a big game at Wankhede with your fellow Indians cheering up for India will give the best feeling.

J – Who is your favourite cricketer currently? And tell us a bit about that player.

I don’t have any favorite cricketer currently. My favorite cricketers were Sehwag and Watson who are retired & another one is Steyn who’s career is right now at the end. But still there are cricketers I admire like Kohli, Jadeja, Archer.

J – How do you see Indian Cricket presently?

Indian cricket has grown a lot in the last few overs. IPL has played a very good part in that. Many young cricketers got a chance in IPL and proved their worth. India has the best talent right now in the cricket world undoubtedly.

J – Which team do you enjoy watching the most whenever India plays?

I like watching Inda vs Australia. Australia is one team which never gives up and turn the tables anytime. India vs Australia is always one high voltage game & it always feel good whenever we beats Australia.

J – Excited for the English summer?

Yes, very much. Especially for Ind vs Eng. I think this is a best chance for India to win a test series in Eng. I really hope this time we beat Eng & show the world we can beat any team anywhere.

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