Interview of Cricket Fans – 155


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan and your early memories of the game.

First things first, thank you so much for having me here, Jay! It’s an absolute pleasure to participate in this interview so thanks for asking bub! Now getting to the answer to your question:

The cricket fan in me was born in 2005. Precisely speaking, it was the Ashes in 2005 which made me a cricket fan. I was barely six at that time and I saw a young KP hit some glorious shots. That’s what inclined me towards the sport. However, whenever I cheered for KP, my friends and family use to tell me that Australia are the best team and Ricky Ponting is an all-time great. Thus, I was a unique bloke who started liking Australia but had a soft corner for KP. That soft corner transformed me into a KP fan. To conclude, KP’s twin fifties, Ponting’s captaincy and Lee and McGrath’s bowling is what made me a cricket fan

J – You have Pietersen, Smith, Ponting and Tendulkar in your bio, tell us how long have you been following these cricketers and your journey as their fan.

Well, I guess I’ve already mentioned in my earlier answer how KP had an influence on my life as a cricket fan. Now coming to Ponting, he was simply the best during the period where I started watching cricket. Besides, he was leading the Aussies so I ultimately started liking Ponting as well. Now everyone must be wondering “Wait! Isn’t this lunatic an Indian? Doesn’t he like any Indian players? Now, this is where Tendulkar comes. Australia didn’t play every day and I only use to watch English matches because of KP. As an Indian, I was exposed to a lot of Indian matches and thus, I watched Indian players in action. Honestly speaking I never really supported the Indian cricket team passionately and thus was inclined more towards the individuals. Tendulkar was someone who used to score runs for fun and after speaking to some people and doing my stuff, I realized how big a player he is. Tendulkar alongside Ponting are the greatest cricketers of all time. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably watching the wrong sport. Thus Tendulkar is someone I love watching. Now coming to Steve Smith. Well, I remember watching an Aussie lad in the IPL back in 2012 and for some reason had a strange feeling that he’s going to become a legend because whenever I watched him bowl or bat I had this strange feeling which made me feel like “Damn this guy seldom gets humbled” or something on the lines of that. Then when he became a proper batsman, he managed to impress me. However, what made me his biggest fan was when I met him. I had happened to meet him back in 2016 and was shocked by his humility. Seldom would you see a famous guy as humble as him. Post that he became my favourite. As we speak, Steve Smith and KP are my favourites cricketers of all time.

J – What motivated you to write and analyze this sport?

I might sound egoistic but the “No, I cannot be wrong” factor made me analyze the sport. Back in 2011 and 2012, I use to have a lot of “so-called friends and family members” who kept on mocking me for liking a cricketer or a team. I still remember an incident when I was with a bunch of Indians in San Francisco and CSK lost to MI in the 2013 final and I was supporting CSK. I was brutally trolled and almost in tears. There were several incidents like this where people trolled me for my thoughts instead of professionally disagreeing with me. That made me do some homework about cricket and analyze the game. I started to look at stats, previous records and achievements and started to argue with people who were against my views. However, as and when I became big, I realized that arguing with someone isn’t worth it, I’m not a kid anymore. Their opinions or thoughts ain’t changing any facts. So I stopped arguing and proving my point and instead, started researching, writing about the game as well as analyzing the game independently for personal satisfaction. This was much better than arguing with someone.

J – How has the journey been so far, and what are the things that you learnt?:

Oh, I’ve learnt a lot of things, one being the fact that if someone trolls or mocks anyone or any team…..It’s because they’re jealous of that individual/team and they know that neither them nor their favourites can be as good as the one’s they hate. Now coming to the technical part:

1) Finding data is hard and it ain’t as easy as what people think it is
2) Gut feel is real.
3) Not a big fan of matchups.
4) Most of the cricketers I’ve met are pretty chilled out unlike what their critics suggest.
5) Every cricketer who represents his nation is a bloody successful person and deserves respect by one and all.

J – Which uncapped Indian player deserves to be in the squad, according to you?

Hard to pick one, I mean the Indian team is currently at its peak and every player in the XI seems to have proved himself. However, personally I’d like to see someone like Varun Chakravarthy in the LOI squad. Lad’s proved himself.  Avesh Khan is another one. DDP and Bishnoi are two talented blokes who can’t be ignored for too long and although there’s no place for them right now, I’d be disappointed if they don’t make their international debut by 2022.

J – It’s the season of test cricket in England, how excited are you for the big event on the 18th?:

Really excited for the English summer. I’ve been waiting for it for close to two months. What makes this English summer the best this time around is the fact that we’re watching three world-class teams. The WTC final is something I’ve badly wanted to watch for a really long time and I think it would be safe to say that the excitement is equivalent to an ODI WC final. Despite the fact that Australia ain’t there, it’ll still be worth the watch as a true cricket fan.

J – According to you, what could the probable lineup for both the squads be?

Haha, it’s hard to predict but here’s my playing XI for both the teams.


1) Shubhman Gill
2) Rohit Sharma
3) C.Pujara
4) Virat Kohli (C)
5) Ajinkya Rahane
6) Rishabh Pant (WK)
7) R.Jadeja
8) R.Ashwin
9) Ishant Sharma
10) Mohammad Shami
11) Jasprit Bumrah

New Zealand:

1) Tom Latham
2) Devon Conway
3) KW (C)
4) Ross Taylor
5) Henry Nicholls
6) BJ (WK)
7) CDG
8) M.Santner
9) T. Southee
10) T. Boult
11) N.Wagner

(Unpopular opinion but Jamieson makes a case only if he has a good series against England)

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