“He should be called ‘Gloria’ for glorifying BCCI” – Boria Majumdar criticized for backing the board

A notable Indian sports journalist, academician, author and someone who has a PhD in Cricket gets heavily criticized and trolled on Twitter for defending BCCI over late payment of prize money for India Women’s Cricketers.

The India Women’s Cricket team were the runner-up for last year’s T20 World Cup but they are yet to receive their prize money for their performance.

Boria Majumdar, in his latest #AskBoria section where he answers some of the questions put up by fans, was asked whether BCCI will pay the India Women’s Cricketers for reaching the finals of the World Cup last year. And below is the response.


So first of all, I don’t know if BCCI and Boria Majumdar have a tie-up or something but when a journalist comes up with such remarks where he is literally defending a cricket board instead of criticizing them, you know there is something wrong. “In a Covid ridden world” as Boria Majumdar said in that video, our women cricketers could definitely make use of that money since we are living in uncertain times right now, yet he comes up with a remark defending the board as if they are the innocent one’s here. They are not. If it was Men’s Cricket, the BCCI would have paid them on that particular day itself (finals) but since it’s Women’s Cricketers, they showed that they are lethargic when it comes to looking after their players.

As far as BCCI’s commitment towards Women’s Cricket is concerned, Boria Majumdar said that the board is conducting multiple test matches for the Women’s team after so many years and says, “what more do you want from BCCI?”. Firstly, why doesn’t the board look after their players? And secondly, what’s with this chest-thumping that the board is doing so much for our Women’s Team? This is literally their job. Their f#&:# job to conduct matches for our team. I can come up with so many analogies on this but that will only lengthen this article.

I want someone who can defend me the way Boria Majumdar defends BCCI. I didn’t copy this from any meme or something, this is literally how I felt while writing this article because he has a good experience/record for backing the richest cricket board in the world.


Isabelle Westbury, who is a writer/broadcaster, questions Boria Majumdar over this issue.

And following is the response by fans on Twitter who were riled up with what Boria Majumdar had to say about this issue.

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