Insecure Babar Azam fan mass blocks Indian Cricket fans on Twitter

If you came across this Twitter account and found yourself being blocked by this person, then don’t worry, he has done that to a lot of people.

A Twitter user that goes by the username @babaresque_ has been mass blocking Indian Cricket fans on Twitter for unknown reasons as people start posting pictures/screenshots of them getting blocked by that person.


Many Indian fans who are blocked by him say that they never interacted with the user ever before.


Some users also tagged their friends asking them if they have also been blocked by this person.


It’s surprising to see this kind of incident occur because Babar Azam has many fans across India and some of the accounts that are blocked by him did not even troll him. It seems like the user wants to keep his timeline Indian free.

It’s not the first time a Twitter user has mass blocked Indian Cricket fans. This has happened before by a Jimmy Anderson fan as well, if only I knew the username I would have mentioned it here, but if you guys know that person then do leave a comment. Also, let me know your thoughts as to why this great person suddenly decided to mass block Indian Cricket fans on Twitter.

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