Tim Paine makes an excuse, gets brutally trolled on Twitter

“Toota hai Gabba ka ghamand” – these were the words that were said by the Hindi commentator when Rishabh Pant hit the winning runs in the fourth test against Australia in Border Gavaskar Trophy 2020-21. Anyone with a sane mind would have said that the performance put up by the Indians on this tour was a complete team effort and they were the deserving winners of the series which they won fair and square 2-1.

But the Australian captain Tim Paine has come up with an excuse in an interview with news.com.au.

He said that the Indians are really good at niggling and basically playing mind games to distract with stuff that doesn’t really matter. Does that mean that the Aussies got a taste of their own medicine and that they didn’t like it? And does that also mean that we didn’t just beat them on the ground but we beat them in mind games as well? It’s a fact that Australia, whether they are good or bad in cricket, one thing no one can beat them is in ‘sledging’. If there was a points table for this, the Aussies would be right there on top with Tim Paine leading the charge.

When Tim Paine comes up with such shitty excuses, it undermines India’s performance on the field. Rather than blaming the opposition for playing mind games, which I don’t think we did, he could have just put his hand up and said ‘we were just not good enough’. Pat Cummins, his own teammate, said that they won fair and square, they were just better than us. But no, Indians played mind games and that’s how they won the BGT 2020-21.

When someone makes statements like these, they must deserve the bashing they receive on social media (not talking about the abuses, only disagreements). He was trolled on social media after the article got published as fans expressed their opinion on his statements. Here’s what some of them had to say.

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