People who plagiarize stuff are bottom tier. A Twitter account that goes by the username @carromball_ posted a compilation video of the wickets taken by the Indian Cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin from his Twitter account on 5th June, 2020. The tweet did so well that Ashwin himself replied acknowledging the efforts put by the uploader @carromball_.


Yesterday, a noob tried to post the same compilation video, edited the watermark and put his own username on top of @carromball_ and claimed it as his own as he posted the video through his Twitter account – @RightArm_Quick.


When he posted the video, people started quoting/replying the tweet saying that the content has been plagiarized and the video doesn’t belong to him.


But here’s the funny part, @RightArm_Quick, the user who plagiarized the content, completely denies that he stole the video. He says that the video doesn’t exist at all. In fact, the video actually belongs to a YouTube account – Lakshmipathi Appu who also stole the video originally posted by @carromball_.

Surely, a person who is a cricket writer must have this basic understanding of giving credits where it’s due rather than stealing the content and claiming it as his own. And even if he or she isn’t a writer, one must always give credits to to the owner.


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  1. I totally agree with you. How mean it is when people start giving all credits to himself/herself for the things that you’ve done!
    Even I’ve faced the same situation. I was asked to submit my write-up for a content writing internship on the topic given by the company. After submitting the write-up to them, they automatically cancelled my application & when I was researching about their company after few days, I found an article that was written by me by some other person’s name.
    I even wrote to them, but they never responded.

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