Here’s why ‘doodh’ started trending on Indian Twitter

So the date was 9th of May and the time was around 10:30 -11 pm, my timeline was filled with tweets related to Spiderman, or Marvel movies, Music and a bit of Cricket since I follow people associated with these topics. Suddenly, everyone on my timeline started discussing about ‘doodh’ and it made me wonder that this is just another random bs that everyone’s talking about. But after a while, it got me. I started wondering what the heck is this ‘doodh’ issue and why is everyone talking about that. I realised that people were discussing about the importance of milk on a Twitter Space hosted by @Ruchhan which also had @MhaAgyaani , @ballisticleo3_0 and many others as speakers.

Twitter Space is a new feature that Twitter launched last month, in April, allowing people to express their opinions through their voice on-the-go.

So the name of that Twitter Space was “सुहागरात मैं दूध की ग्लास का महत्व”. People were discussing the importance of milk before an intercourse in a humorous way. Listening to that space initially made me think what stuff were they high on, but later, I realised that it was all for entertainment purposes as they were literally answering funny questions related to ‘doodh’ from random listeners. The Space lasted for more than two hours. Below are some of the memes and tweets that were posted by people who were on that Space.

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