Interview of Cricket Fans – 151 – VIRAT KOHLI


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, what is your earliest memory of your idol Virat Kohli?

My first cricket memory was when Virat Scored 973 runs in an IPL season and that awesome 2016 year.

J – And how long have you been following Virat Kohli as a fan?

I have been following him since the 2015 World Cup.

J – What drew you into becoming his fan?

I became his fan because of his style of play, it’s just incredible. A very consistent cricketer. Plays all the shots beautifully. And a brilliant fielder as well.

J – If Virat Kohli played in the Tendulkar era, which bowler, according to you, would trouble him and which bowlers would he find it easy to toy?

I think he might have been a little troubled by G McGrath because of his line and length. He would play Shane Warne and S Akhtar quite easily.

J – Which stat of Virat Kohli are you most proud of?

I am most proud of Virat’s 2016 year. His greatest run in the IPL with the bat. Did everything for India to go to the semi-finals but it was unfortunate for India to exit out of the World Cup.

J – Virat Kohli as a batsman, he is G.O.A.T. but what about Virat Kohli – the skipper, few words on his captaincy?

Virat is a great Captain as well. Few people don’t like the way he captains but he is a phenomenal captain, he took India to the 2019 WC semi-final. He took Indian Test Cricket to a new level.

J – Which innings of Virat Kohli would you have liked him to perform in the past?

I think I would have loved it if he would score a few runs in the WC semi-final against NZ. But the game didn’t go his way.

J – Does Virat Kohli find a place in your all-time XI? Mention your dream team below.

Yes surely he gets a place in my Dream eleven

Here’s my dream 11

A Cook
V Sehwag
R Ponting
V Kohli (C)
K Willamson
A Gilchrist
B Stokes
R Jadeja
C Ambrose
G McGrath
B Lee

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  1. It is understood that the Virat Fans club creater is a boy studying standard Xi .But maturity with which he gave answers is amazing. Pl.encourage such guys


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