Interview of Cricket Fans – 150 – Mumbai Indians


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us what made you become a fan of the most successful franchise in IPL history – Mumbai Indians?

Thank you Jay for this opportunity to participate in the interview.

The primary reason for me becoming a Mumbai Indians fan was one and only Sachin Tendulkar, He was a chosen icon player of the team and being a die-hard Sachin fan you are bound to support the team he plays for. And once you become part of the One family, you remain the part of this family. And thankfully we have been the most successful franchise in the IPL. Something to be very proud of.

J – Mumbai Indians like to have balance in their playing XI, they are not reliant on their batters or bowlers completely,
how much has this contributed to the success of the team?

A very big factor. We have always assembled a team where there is no over-dependency on a particular department.
Our batter and bowlers complement each other very well. If one department fails to do well, the other department steps up and wins us the match.

J – What is the secret of their success in both IPL as well CL?

It’s the mix of good players, excellent captain, great management and most importantly an excellent team culture. Also, we have always managed to build a squad that has a very good Indian batting core. Big Hitters at no. 6 and 7, good death bowling option and quality spin in middle overs, these are the key factors for MI to become the most successful franchise in IPL and CL as well.

J – What is your favourite memory of being a Mumbai Indians fan?

There are so many memories associated with this team but if I have to mention one it’ll be our first ever IPL trophy.
We had not been able to win the trophy in the last five editions, losing the final against the same opponent in 2010 and Sachin sir took retirement from IPL. So it was special to defeat CSK and also it was very special to see Sachin sir lifting the trophy.

J – Rohit Sharma – the captain, one of the greatest if not the greatest, but what about Rohit Sharma – the batter? Do you feel he is a bit behind compared to other openers like Warner, Kohli, etc?

Yes, Rohit has not been that great with the bat for sure, but most of the times when the team needed him to perform he has performed well, which matters the most. And Hopefully this season, he’ll outscore these two.

J – Which is that one season that MI had to work really hard for the trophy?

Each and every year has a different challenge and every year you have to work hard as the competition in IPL is very tough. But in 2015 particularly, we did not start well, losing 5 games out of the first 6 and then we went on to win the trophy so probably that’s the toughest season for us when we won the trophy.

J – How did you manage to get a reply from ‘The God of Cricket’ on Twitter more than 10 years ago?

Probably The God was too kind and that was very surprising to me as well when Sachin sir replied. My board results were about to come and I casually tagged him asking what shall I do, was too nervous about the results and he replied saying chase your dream and that was like a dream come true. Best moment in social media life. But twitter deleted my account in 2013 and I lost everything except that reply.

J – They have had just two wins so far with three defeats and are in the middle of the points table, what changes would you like to see for them to climb on top of the table?

I think it’s the usual start for us, we are kind of slow starters and then we peak at the right time, so I’m hoping this time again we’ll be back on top of the table very soon. Change wise, personally, I’d like to see Anukul getting some games and If Quinton doesn’t perform we may open with Ishan and play Neesham in Middle order. But MI management doesn’t do much chopping and changing so we have to wait and see.

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