Interview of Cricket Fans – 149 – PAKISTAN


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan and your early memories of the game.

Well, I have been a fan of this crazy game of Cricket since my early childhood days. I was supposed to play Cricket with my mom at home and also in those days she was passionate about watching & playing Cricket. But now it’s a different matter, she doesn’t watch because of the unpredictability of our team as far as watching the game is concerned. One match I remember was the 2007 T20 WC final where I cried a lot after Pakistan lost the match.

J – What is it like growing up in Pakistan where Cricket is the most popular sport there?

I feel Cricket runs in every Pakistani Blood. People here are so passionate if they don’t find the place to play it, they won’t hesitate to play it on toads where a sea of traffic will be flowing. The big concern is that unfortunately nowadays due to increasing population, sports grounds are diminishing.

J – Tell us about your journey following Pakistan Cricket.

As I told you earlier, I have been following Pakistan Cricket since my early days. But I believe after the 2007 T20 WC I became a die-hard and mature fan of this team & Cricket. Since then, I have been passionate and emotional about this team. I love this team because of their unpredictability and will continue to follow them through thick and thin.

J – One of the reasons I have asked for your interview is because of the person in your dp, how special has that guy been for your country?

Didn’t know about this wonderful talent earlier because I mainly follow International Cricket. But when he scored those 3 back to back hundreds against WI, then I believed this man is going to be our future. Yes, his style of batting is eye-pleasing but what I like about this guy is his consistency especially in white-ball format. I don’t think anybody has been as consistent as Babar in his early days of his career. Without any doubt, he is going to be a superstar not only for Pakistan but for world cricket. Nowadays, If people talk about a batting maestro after Virat Kohli, it’s Babar Azam.

J – When Babar Azam plays like the way he does, do you sometimes think how scary it must be to imagine what his future would look like? Because he has achieved so much in such little time.

I feared him in past because of his inconsistency in red-ball cricket. But now he has gone past that scary phase of his career. I believe he is the most powerful person in Pakistan Cricket right now. He has enough power to change Pakistan Cricket’s merit and structure. He has a bright future because he is so hardworking and profound about his game. Recently, he was going through a bad patch vs SA at home after a thumb injury but he has made a comeback on this away tour against the same team with a bang.

J – Thoughts on the recently concluded tour to SA? What are the positives for Pakistan Cricket apart from Babar Azam’s performance with the bat?

Excellent tour from Pakistan perspective and especially for Babar Azam as his confidence will be sky high after winning both ODI and T20 Series. Yeah, RSA didn’t have their main players but I’ll tell you no Team is Weak when it comes to the T20 game. Because you just need a good cameo or a match-winning worthy spell to win a T20 game. But genuinely I’m not happy with our middle order performance as in Odi’s if you look at batting stats, lower-order batsman Shadab was the highest scorer with 46 runs in 3 Matches. If you look at the positives, Fakhar was a big plus point on this tour for Pakistan. I was quite surprised by his mature approach. Maybe he watched Dhawan against England because he also played with a similar mindset. Just settle down and then make the mockery of the bowling line up.

J – Your memories of the 2017 Champions Trophy victory?

If I talk collectively, memories about the 2017 Champions trophy victory are Sweet because it came against the arch Rivals and especially against the strongest team in the World Cricket. Individually, that day was not so good for me because it was raining that day in my city and electricity was shut down. I didn’t watch Pakistan bowling so I feel I missed a big cherishing Moment of my life so far.

J – How badly Cricket and its fraternity missing the contest between two teams who have shared so much history together – Pakistan vs India?

Pakistan vs India has always been special. Doesn’t matter if it’s cricket or any other sport. But Cricket is majorly followed by both nations so I think both governments need to prevail sense irrespective of the political affairs. Not only it will benefit both countries affairs but it will also help them economically after both countries being economically hit by this ongoing pandemic.

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