Interview of Cricket Fans – 146 – ENGLAND


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your earliest memory of this sport.

Earliest memory of cricket for me is the 2005 Ashes, I know it’s sounds cliche but I pretty much watched the whole series, and as you know, it was the best test series ever, just got more invested in the sport. 

J – What is it like growing up in England where Cricket is one of the popular sport there?

It’s good growing up with a sport that’s quite popular, still football is the most but I would say cricket is second, that’s my take on it.

J – Must feel so powerful being a fan of a team that has changed the brand of cricket they used to play, and now they play as if every match is going to be their last, ever imagined England Cricket would be this strong with the white ball?

Well, after that horrendous 2015 World Cup where everything got changed, I didn’t think we would be this good like chasing 300-320 we can do that with one eye closed, it’s great to watch as well as the hitting and fearless cricket.

J – Eoin Morgan will be eyeing the T20 Cup later this year, an event in which they came extremely close in 2016, can they replicate that performance?

Yeah, I think we have a very good chance to win the T20 World Cup, I think us and India are the favourites, can’t see past that. Hope I haven’t jinxed it now haha.

J – And after that, a very important ‘The Ashes’ series coming up for you guys, how will your team fare this time around?

The Ashes, in all honesty, I think we will struggle, it’s more the batting side I have no hope in. I know I shouldn’t think like that but our batting hasn’t been great for like 3-4 years, if we pick the right bowlers for the right games then we may have a chance who knows.

J – Has the white ball cricket affected the red ball cricket for England, specially at home?

Good question, I think our white ball dominance has caused issues in our red ball game but I think we will see a change in all that soon…. issues it’s caused is the gung ho batting we have seen over the past couple of years, it’s a mentality thing, but under Silverwood it’s starting to change.

J – Do you have an all-time England XI?

Alastair Cook
Andrew Strauss
Joe Root
Kevin Pietersen
Ben Stokes
Alec Stewart
Andrew Flintoff
Stuart Broad
James Anderson
Adil Rashid
Jofra Archer

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