Interview of Cricket Fans – 143 – INDONESIA

J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan and your early memories associated with this sport.

My first memory of being a cricket fan was in 2019, during the World Cup. My friend who was a fan before me showed me the sport and gave me highlights of the game. I started liking it a bit. Then I tried playing its video games—starting with Ashes Cricket. And I got even more excited. Then I started following accounts (on my already suspended one) that cover cricket and all its stuff. Then I started reading articles related to cricket and how it is played, etc. And that’s what makes me who I am now.

J – Tell us what’s it like growing up in Indonesia with respect to Cricket.

It’s hard because here football is much more popular – even baseball/softball has much more people who are into it than cricket, as baseball also gets a space to be played in our national sports complex. But at least I know that I am not alone in this country. I still can find my national cricket association, and by finding them, I started finding information about the leagues they have been holding annually, and also following the leagues (there are T20s and Super 6s here) here (there are leagues held in Jakarta and Bali) during weekends, I made an hour trip to the ground (Cibubur Cricket Ground, East Jakarta), once or twice in a month only to find out that I and my friend were the only spectators there—but I can find the fun side of the game being not popular. No tribalism, no abuse thrown here and there, just us sitting, watching cricket and enjoying the game.

J – How long have you been supporting the Aussies, and how has the journey been so far?

It all started when I started seeing their highlights a lot. I didn’t really follow the World Cup, so the very first series I was fully invested in was ‘The Ashes’ and that time, I decided to follow Australia until this very time. Sorry if it sounds so plastic-ish but as someone from an associate country you can’t really only support your national team, can you?

J – Your favourite memory stanning this team?

Of course, retaining ‘The Ashes’ in England. So far it’s been the best memory I’ve ever had.

J – So impressed with the link of the website you put up in your bio, do you feel it will be the same in 2022 as well or will there be a change?

I really hope it stays the way it is. Even though Australia are currently not at their best, I am still sure they can do something when playing at home, in ‘The Ashes.’

J – It must feel special posing with the T20 trophy in 2016, tell us a bit about your display picture.

Well, it was from the 2019 Trophy Tour, which Indonesia was part of it. It was held during Sunday’s Car Free Day; so I and my friend woke up early that day and went to the event so early so we could get some photo (and even had some cricket simulation with Persatuan Cricket Indonesia, our cricket governing body) early before everyone else came. Since I have a bit or two of knowledge about the game, I could get to speak to some of the women’s national players (and even later follow each other on social media) and that day was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had.

J – And how did it feel when your tweet got featured in a video posted by RCB?

I was surprised. It was purely for a laugh, and because I enjoyed the talks between AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli. The likes on the original tweet (until today) don’t even reach 30, so I was genuinely surprised that RCB included it in their promotional video.

J – Few words on the IPL? Which team do you support and what are your predictions for this season?

Obviously the biggest T20 league on this planet – it’s a dream for every cricketer to play there.

I am not really into any of those teams but I have a bit of a soft spot for Delhi Capitals for an obvious reason. My prediction for this year, Mumbai Indians will win the cup again.

J – Do you have an all-time XI?

Well, since I am new to the sport, and I think I don’t have sufficient knowledge to make an all-time XI (and of course, I am not ready for the social media backlash either!) I might keep it to myself for a while.

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