Interview of Cricket Fans – 138 – VIRAT KOHLI


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan.

I was first introduced to this sport by playing gully cricket. I got very much interested in this sport which led me to watch it too.

I started watching cricket at a time when the Australian team was ruling the world in all formats of the game. I saw my first international game between India and Zimbabwe in 2013 where India whitewashed them 5-0. Virat Kohli was the captain and that’s when I became a cricket fan.

J – Which is your favourite format of the game and why?

ODI is my favourite format of this sport. It is because ODI cricket judges both patience and destructive approach of a player. In test cricket, sometimes cricket becomes boring when continuously overs pass without any wicket or a boundary or many times without runs. In T20 cricket, players get very little chance to show themselves. There (ODI format), players need to do their roles very early without taking some time.

J – Which cricketer did you idolise growing up?

I idolised Virat Kohli growing up. Virat Kohli is one such player who could play ODI as T20I and Test with a 70+ strike rate. He just gives his best for his team. Always energetic and fresh on the field. At the start of his career, he dominated our team amongst past legends especially in 2011, 2012, 2013 when Sachin Sir and many other legends were in the team. Since 2013, I am idolising him and he is doing his best to date.

J – Who is the most underrated cricketer in India?

Shikhar Dhawan is the most underrated cricketer in India, according to me. He has all the abilities but he got fewer chances to prove them. He was dropped from the Test format. I know he failed many times but now, in 2021, he can adapt Test cricket and make better opening partnerships with Rohit in Tests too. Also, he is still underrated in ODI too because people show less faith in him than most of the other batsmen in the team. But he has proved them wrong in ODI’s.

J – Which hurt the most – the Semifinal loss against Australia in 2015 WC or against New Zealand in 2019 WC?

The Semifinal loss in the 2019 WC against New Zealand hurt the most. Because this time India deserved more than 2015 one. In the 2015 WC, Australia ruled the whole tournament but in the 2019 WC, Team India played beautifully. Also, it hurt the most because India could have won as the target was not very big. But our Top 3 and 45 minutes of bad play led to bad results.

J – Describe Virat Kohli in one word.


J – How important is Virat Kohli in Indian cricket right now?

Virat Kohli is currently the most important Indian team player. Many times we saw India lose top wickets in early overs of the match but Virat Kohli saves it. Also, India never lose a match when Virat Kohli remains not out while chasing.

Virat Kohli also inspires new players in the team. Young batsmen feel more powerful when they bat along with Virat Kohli. He has been the most important member of India in T20I WC’s. This year the Indian team can win it. Virat Kohli always encourages our players on and off the field.

J – Which stat of Virat Kohli are you most proud of?

Virat Kohli – Two T20I WC Man of the Tournament awards, 70 international centuries, 50+ avg in all three formats, 973 runs in an IPL season and so many others.

J – Your all-time T20 XI?

Kohli (C)
Ab Devilliers (wk)
Shahid Afridi
Rashid Khan
Umar Gul
L Malinga
J Bumrah

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