Interview of Cricket Fans – 128 – Pakistan


J – What is your earliest memory of this game?

One of my earliest memories of cricket is related to the ICC T20 WC 2007. I was 8 years old, but I remember the loud shouts that day with my Family. When Misbah played reverse ramp short, I said we are winning it but that catch snatched happiness from us.

J – What is the positive impact of this sport on your life?

The games are part of life, it keeps you healthy and fit. I am following sports since childhood, and as a fan, I should recommend playing sports regularly.


J – Your take on Mankad?

I am against it. I remembered when the first time Ashwin did in IPL, there was a lot of talks against Ashwin on Social Media.

J – Which cricketer’s story inspires you the most?

As you know, these days I am a die heart fan of one of the rising batting talents, current top-ranked batsman and Pakistan skipper – Babar Azam. During my childhood, I was inspired by Muhammad Yousuf and Younis Khan and ABD (Mr. 360).

J – Thoughts on the ICC Test Championship? What are the changes that you would like to see for the next series?

As ICC TEST CHAMPIONSHIP Race is over, now looking forward to India vs New Zealand, the Grand Final in England. There is a lot of excitement for this one. Two most consistent teams facing each other. Especially for Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson.

J – Tell us a bit about Pakistan Cricket. Who is your favourite Pakistan Cricketer?

Pakistan Cricket is like a ship, halfway sinking in the river. Hopefully we will progress towards betterment. BABAR AZAM is my favourite cricketer currently.


J – Wasim Akram is called Sultan of Swing for a reason, few words on him?

Absolutely, he is a King and a Legend, no one will be close to him.

J – Few words on the next big thing in Pakistan Cricket – Babar Azam?

The Next Decade belongs to Him [Inshallah
I’m following him since the U19 world cup, I was assured that he will be the greatest batsman of Pakistan. {Inshallah}

J – Your memories of the 2017 Champions Trophy?

Still remember Hassan Ali bowling spells throughout the tournament and Fakhar Zaman’s hundred in the Final.

J – Sum up Pakistan Cricket in one line?

Pakistan cricket at its best one minute down next minute up.

J – What is your all-time XI?

Saeed Anwar
Sunil Gavaskar
Rahul Dravid
Muhammad Yousuf/Younis Khan
Brian Lara
Adam Gilchrist
Abdul Qadir
Waqar Younis
Waseem Akram
Malcom Marshall
Glenn Mcgrath

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