With the kind of talent depth and crazy quality that India has, it’s just a matter of time India win an ICC event. | ICF – 126


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan and your early memories of this sport.

Thanks for having me. To start with, I don’t watch/know any other sport apart from cricket. Cricket is, in my opinion, the greatest sport that has ever existed. I started following cricket around 20 years back, I started to understand a tiny bit of cricket around the India vs Australia series in 2004. That’s when I really got attracted to Damien Martyn and Michael Clarke but unfortunately, I couldn’t even able to even understand their aesthetics or batting then. All I remember was I was in awe of their batting then. To date, cricket has been the fuel to me. Of, course, this will be a cliche but cricket is more than just a sport to me.


J – What do you like and dislike about this Indian Cricket Team?

There is nothing really to dislike about this Indian team. They are the #1 side in the toughest format of the game. You can’t complain about that. They have results going their way more often than not in limited-overs as well, even after assembling a good side. Having said that, they can assemble an even better side in both 50 overs and T20Is but they are being content with what they have in hand which is one thing I would like them to change in the longer run. There is still a lot of scope to work with as some unbelievable talents are waiting in the wings who deserve a chance in white-ball cricket. I believe its just a matter of time.

J – Who is the most overrated cricketer in your view?

I don’t buy this overrated and underrated theory. If a player is being praised as an underrated cricketer for a certain period, he is bound to become an overrated cricketer and vice versa.


J – Do you have an unpopular opinion on this sport that you would like to share through this interview?

I don’t exactly have an unpopular opinion but would like ICC to implement best of 3 finals for the World Cup, Champions trophy and WT20. If you see, beating England in a one-off game is much easier than overcoming them in the best of 3 in white-ball cricket. This may not sound right to some but its just my personal wish.

J – Which is the most bizarre cricket take you have come across on Twitter?

I don’t exactly call that as bizarre as everyone is entitled to their opinion but the thing that made me feel “wow! how can this be real” is when some said the 2001 series victory by India against Australia in India was a tougher/bigger series Victory than 2020-21 triumph in Australia. One doesn’t need to watch the 2001 series live to say which is a bigger series victory. If anyone can explain it logically to me about why 2001 was a bigger series victory than 2020-21 in Australia without mentioning “you haven’t seen it live to know what it is”, and without twisting the narrative, I am all in for it.


J – Do you feel this Indian unit can achieve what they did under Dhoni’s leadership a couple of years ago?

Yes, why not, by now they should have won 2 (2017 CT and 2019 WC). India were the favourites in both those tournaments (alongside England in 2019). With the kind of talent depth and crazy quality that India has, it’s just a matter of time, but as I said earlier, if they are content with their results in Bilaterals and not proactive and don’t back right players leading into ICC tournaments, there is always that one odd loss that could be coming in your way in the one-off game which can be a final or a semi-final.

J – How has your experience been on Twitter?

I began tweeting regularly towards the end of 2019, four years after I first joined Twitter. In the last one and a half years, I have learned a lot of things about the game I know which helped me realize that I don’t know anything about cricket. I got the opportunity to interact with some great minds of the game, got to see varied opinions and more importantly got very good friends. It has been a different gravy so far.


J – Do you have an all-time XI?

I don’t have an all-time XI. From what I have seen live, I think I can list 16 of my favourite players in general.

Rahul Dravid
Mahela Jayawardene
Jacques Kallis
VVS Laxman
Michael Clarke
Damien Martyn
MS Dhoni
Anil Kumble
Pat Cummins
Glenn McGrath
Jasprit Bumrah

Daniel Vettori, Shaun Pollock, Alastair Cook, Mohammad Amir, Morne Morkel

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