Interview of Cricket Fans – 124


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us a bit about yourself first, as a cricket fan.

I’ve been a very avid cricket fan, right from my childhood. I used to watch almost every cricket match played by India and would be the happiest person in the house if India won them. The scenario is still pretty much the same!

J – What is your earliest memory of this game?

My earliest memory of cricket is not watching, but playing the sport. I still remember playing cricket with my grandfather when I was around 4 years old. My earliest memory of watching cricket has to be the CB series against Australia in 2008. I was 4 and a half years old, back then and I still remember the whacking Aussies got from Sachin.

J – Which is your favourite format of the game, and why?

Test cricket is my favourite format of the game. The fact that India has done exceedingly well in this format in the last few years and we’ve seen some mouth-watering contests from all over the world has attracted me a lot towards it and I’ve also realized that there’s pretty much to learn from it!


J – Your thoughts on Cricket Twitter?

I think it’s a blessing for people/cricket fans like me. Being able to talk about cricket and be friends with people from all around the globe is great! We get to read and come across so many blogs and mind-blowing stats about cricket which in turn, helps us in enhancing our knowledge about cricket. Fan Wars are yet another aspect of Cricket Twitter, which keeps everyone entertained! 😉

J – Which is your favourite Cricket book?

I’ve read many autobiographies/biographies of cricketers and among all of them, “DRIVEN: The Virat Kohli Story” written by Vijay Lokapally, is my favourite! I still remember how much I struggled to get that book from my school’s library.

J – What are changes do you see in the way Cricket is being played post-covid, compared to pre-covid?

Cricket has gone through drastic changes in some aspects with the way it is being played post-covid. Matches, where there’s no crowd attendace, seems to be a bit less entertaining tbh. We’ve also seen players missing out on playing matches because of the strict quarantine rules. Use of saliva on the ball is also banned and the strict covid protocols have made life tougher for players as well as the authorities. I wish everything comes back to normal soon!

J – Which hurt the most? The Semi-Final loss against Australia in the 2015 World Cup or against New Zealand in 2019?

The Semi-Final loss against New Zealand in 2019 was more painful for me. Particularly because Virat was captaining the side and also because it was Dhoni’s last WC and despite trying his best, he couldn’t get us over the ‘LINE’.


J – Tell us your early memories of watching Virat Kohli play.

My earliest memory of watching Virat Kohli play was in 2011 WC. However, it was his innings at Hobart on 28th Feb 2012, which impressed me a lot and made me his fan, forever!

J – Virat Kohli as a batsman, he is G.O.A.T. but what about Virat Kohli – the skipper, few words on his captaincy?

I feel Virat Kohli – the skipper is very impactful as well as very underrated. He is already the best Test Captain in the history of Indian cricket and needs a few ICC trophies in his cabinet to make a mark in limited-overs captaincy as well!

J – Which is your favourite IPL team at the moment?

Royal Challengers Bangalore is my favourite IPL team. Being their fan makes life a bit tough but there are also many moments, worth cherishing. Hopefully, the team will get the trophy home, this year!
Ee Sala Cup Namde!

J – What is your all-time XI?

I would like to make an all-time ODI XI –

Sachin Tendulkar
Sanath Jayasuriya
Virat Kohli
AB de Villiers
Jos Buttler
MS Dhoni (c) (wk)
Ravindra Jadeja
Glenn McGrath
Anil Kumble
Brett Lee
Shoaib Akhtar

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