You know what it is I love about interviewing cricket fans? EVERYTHING! All the stories that are derived through the interviews are worth sharing. I have learnt a lot in terms of what questions to ask the interviewees and the various perspectives of cricket fans from around the world. As I mentioned before, the idea was to learn and understand other fan’s perspectives and to know why they think the way they think.

Another reason for interviewing cricket fans is that I always wanted to do something different, something unique, something that makes people worth their time to visit my website and read my posts. And the best part is, anyone could be interviewed, you simply have to be a cricket fan, that’s it.

I have interviewed plenty of people but my method had always been very one-sided up till now. Which means that if one wants to get interviewed, that person would have to wait for my direct message and then only things would go further. But now, THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER. Like I said, I wanted to do something different. So here I am, launching phase two of my blog.

In this article, I have mentioned all the questions that I have asked till now, along with a few additional one’s. All you have to do is pick not more than eleven questions from the list below, out of which three questions will be compulsory/mandatory. I would like to request whoever is sending their answers to keep the length of their content medium, if possible. After answering the questions for the interview, you can simply send it to me via email – bhavsarj43@gmail.com. Please mention the username along with your answer and if you want to make things easier for me, you can send a screenshot of your Twitter profile and attach it along with your answers.

Note – Do not answer more than eleven questions or else I won’t be able to post it as it will make the interview article too long. I will mostly select the interviews on a first-come, first-serve basis (only if the interview answers are proper and according to the instructions mentioned). In case if you want to answer a particular question of your own, please frame the question along with the answer. I will include it if I feel it’s appropriate. Also, this list will change over time, newer questions will be added later.

If you are participating in this interview, it would be nice if you could follow me on my social media handles mentioned below:

Twitter – @bhavsarJ2_0
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Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us a bit about yourself first, as a cricket fan.

What is your earliest memory of this game?

What is your all-time XI? (Select any player from any era and format you prefer)


Have you been fortunate enough to watch an international match live from the stadium? If yes, tell us your experience of any match.

What is the positive impact of this sport on your life?

Your take on Mankad?

Which cricketer’s story inspires you the most?

Thoughts on the ICC Test Championship? What are the changes that you would like to see for the next series?

Which is your favourite format of the game, and why?

What made you fall in love with this sport?

Which Cricketer did you idolize growing up?

Your thoughts on Cricket Twitter?

What are changes do you see in the way Cricket is being played post-covid, compared to pre-covid?

The introduction of two new balls from both ends in the ODI format of the game is a boon or bane? What is the major impact in your view?

Which is your favourite Associate Cricket Country?

Which is your favourite Cricket book?

What is the impact of T20 Cricket in other formats of the game?

Cricket Analyst

Being a cricket analyst, tell us what does it take to be one?
What inspired you to become a cricket analyst?

Why does IPL have more in-depth analysis as compared to International Cricket?


Why does IPL have more in-depth analysis as compared to International Cricket?

Which aspect of stats do you enjoy the most?

Which is the most unbelievable stat you can ever think of?

Do you feel stats can be misleading sometimes?


Tell us your memories of each of the ICC event India won under Dhoni’s leadership.

What are the things you like and dislike about Indian Cricket?

What is it like growing up in India where Cricket is like a religion?

Who is your favourite Indian Cricketer? And why?

Who is the MVP of India in the past 10 years – (2011-2021)?

Few words on the selectors of the Indian Team?

Which venue would you love to visit and watch a cricket match live?

Who is the most underrated cricketer in India?

Which hurt the most? The Semi-Final loss against Australia in the 2015 World Cup or against New Zealand in 2019?

India has 52 International Cricket venues, do you feel there should be only 5 strong test centres? If yes, mention the venues.

How do you see Indian Cricket presently?

How has the 1983 World Cup transformed Indian Cricket?
Who is your favourite Indian Cricketer amongst the younger generation?

Which team do you enjoy watching the most whenever India plays?


Tell us your early memories of watching Virat Kohli play.

Which innings of Virat Kohli would you have liked him to perform in the past?

How important is Virat Kohli in Indian Cricket right now?

Tell us why Kohli deserves to be the captain of the ICC Test Team of the Decade.

If Virat Kohli played in the Tendulkar era, which bowler, according to you, would trouble him and which bowlers would he find it easy to toy?

Describe Virat Kohli in your words.

Being a Virat Kohli fan, how does he inspire you in your life?

Which stat of Virat Kohli are you most proud of?

Your favourite knock and a favourite shot of Virat Kohli?

Which fast bowler are you most afraid of when Virat Kohli is batting?

Virat Kohli as a batsman, he is G.O.A.T. but what about Virat Kohli – the skipper, few words on his captaincy?


Tell us your early memories of Rohit Sharma.

Describe what you think about Rohit Sharma in your words.
Being a Rohit Sharma fan, how does he inspire you in your life?

Rohit Sharma the batsman has shown why he is a white ball giant and he has also evolved as a player especially after opening for India, few words on his batting proficiency?

Rohit Sharma the captain, 5 IPL trophies just shows how much he has dominated in the toughest franchise league ever, few words on his captaincy?

Which stat of Rohit Sharma are you most proud of?

Your favourite knock and a favourite shot of Rohit Sharma?
Which fast bowler are you afraid of the most whenever Rohit Sharma is batting?

When was the first time you watched Rohit Sharma bat? And when was the first time you actually started following him and his career?

Rohit Sharma and double centuries are a match made in heaven. Share your memories of each of the 200 that he scored in ODI’s.

5 tons in 9 World Cup matches in 2019, few words?



Tell us a bit about Pakistan Cricket in the present moment.
Who is your favourite Pakistan Cricketer?

Wasim Akram is called Sultan of Swing for a reason, few words on him?

Few words on the next big thing in Pakistan Cricket – Babar Azam?

Which knock of Babar Azam made you feel that he is going to be a future great for Pakistan?

Your memories of the 2017 Champions Trophy?

What makes Pakistan fast bowlers different from others? Is it the pitch/conditions or is it the mindset?

What makes them produce fearless bowlers?

How did you feel when International Cricket was banned in Pakistan?

How do you feel now that International Cricket has resumed in Pakistan?

What is it like growing up in Pakistan where Cricket is the most popular sport there?

Sum up Pakistan Cricket in one line.

If you could have one Pakistani stalwart from the past to play in the current lineup, who would it be and why?

How badly is Cricket and it’s fraternity missing the contest between two teams who have shared so much history together – Pakistan vs India?

Pakistan is always known for producing fearsome bowlers, how do you rate today’s generation of fast bowlers from this part of the world?

Your all-time XI?


What is it like growing up in Australia with Cricket being one of the popular sport there?

Aus vs Eng, Aus vs Ind, Aus vs NZ, Aus vs SA, Aus vs WI, Aus vs SL – It seems like whichever team Australia play, they already have a rich cricketing history shared between the respective team or opposition, what is the secret of their success in your opinion? What makes the opposition say that beating Aus in Aus is almost equivalent to winning the World Cup?

Australia – 5 World Cup Trophies – the most number of World Cups by a team – how proud are you of this stat?

Share your memories of any World Cup victory that you like?

Australia Vs England – there have been some amazing contests between these two teams. How would you describe this pinnacle series – The Ashes -in your words.

Australia, like India, have not been dominant in one format and that is T20 despite them having their own respective franchise-based T20 Leagues, what could be the reason in your opinion.

Between 1999 to 2007, Australia won all the World Cups and were also dominant in test matches, how would you describe that period for Australian Cricket?

Your memories of the 2015 World Cup victory?

Is BORDER-GAVASKAR Series the greatest contest after ‘The Ashes’?

Thoughts on the recently concluded Border Gavaskar Trophy?

What would your all-time XI between India and Australia look like?

What is your all-time XI? (Australia only)



What is it like growing up in England where Cricket is one of the popular sport there?

Thoughts on England Cricket in the present moment?

How has your journey been so far as an England Cricket fan?
Thoughts on one of the greatest series of all-time – 2005 The Ashes?

There was a hero that emerged from that series in the form of Kevin Pietersen who made his test debut, he scored 473 runs at an average of 52 in that series, your thoughts about him and his career stint with England.

A few words on your arch-rivals Australia?

Which is your favourite England vs Australia match irrespective of the format?

Talk to us about the transitional phase that England Cricket went through after that shocking exit in the 2015 World Cup.

Did you ever imagine in 2015 that you guys would lift the next World Cup trophy and become one of the most dangerous sides in the white-ball format?

Talk about that test match victory in Headingley, one of the greatest test match ever?

Who is your favourite England Cricketer presently?

Who was your favourite Cricketer growing up?

Few words on Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad?

Do you feel they have not been the best at home in test matches especially after the transitional phase that England Cricket went through after the 2015 World Cup?

Thoughts on India-England contest?

What is your all-time India-England combined?

What is your all-time XI? (England only)


What is it like growing up in South Africa where Cricket is one of the popular sport there?

What is your view on the issues that Cricket South Africa are facing currently?

Will there be an impact of these issues on the cricketers?
South Africa is going through a transitional phase currently, mention some young cricketers who have the potential to make it big in the international arena.

Your favourite Dale Steyn memory as a fan that you would like to share.

Your all-time XI of South Africa and India?

What is it that you love the most about South African Cricket, despite having its fair share of problems in the past?

Is South Africa one of the toughest places to bat, in your view?

South Africa has produced one of the world’s finest all-rounder in the form of Jacques Kallis. Few words you would like to share on him?

How tough was it to digest the retirement of AB de Villiers just a year before the World Cup 2019?

Your thoughts on one of the greatest ODI matches of all time – the 438 game?

South Africa have found success in Australia and Australia have found success in South Africa (in Tests) especially in the past 15 years whenever they have played each other, few words on this rivalry?


What are your early memories of watching IPL?

Which is your favourite IPL team at the moment?

Apart from all that is written/said about how IPL has changed the way Cricket is being played, what other changes are there in your view?

Who is the most underrated IPL player in your view?

Which is the best IPL spell till now?

Do you feel Pakistan players and IPL, in general, would benefit even more if they were allowed to play?

Is IPL a threat to the longest format of the game?

How much do the overseas players benefit from playing in the IPL?

How much do the youngsters in the Indian unit benefit from playing in the IPL?


Who is your favourite Women’s Cricketer currently?

Who was your favourite Women’s Cricketer growing up?
Thoughts on Indian Women’s Cricket in the present scenario?

Do you feel they have been ignorant towards Women’s Cricket in India especially after the unlock?

Few words on the stalwarts of Indian Cricket – Mithali Raj, Jhulan Goswami, Anjum Chopra?


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