Imitating Ashwin’s bowling action calms a young Cricket fan | ICF – 122 – RAVICHANDRAN ASHWIN


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us a bit about yourself first.

Thanks a lot for inviting me, first of all, I have never missed any of your interviews and I am fortunate enough to be a part of it. I am Ayush Aman, an 18 years old student, currently in class 12th and way too passionate about Indian cricket.

J – What are your early memories of this sport?

Well, my early memories of the sports would be the time when MS hit ‘that’ 6 in the world Cup final, those feelings and the celebration around me in our city, made me a huge Indian cricket fan and I started following this sport very religiously.

J – And what are your early memories of watching Ravichandran Ashwin play?

I watched Ashwin sir bowl earlier in the IPL 2012 but what made me his die-hard fan was his spell of 4-11 against the Aussies in the 2014 T20 World Cup. I developed some unique ‘love’ for this guy and since then I have been shedding tears of happiness when he gets successful and tears of sadness when he fails, however, he fails very rarely.


J – How long have you been a fan of him? And tell us about your journey.

I will complete 7 years of ‘Ashwinism’ in March this year. Well, the journey has many highs and lows, I have seen people loving him so much during his peak in 2015-16 time to giving him a lot of hate for the Mankad issue. The journey has been fantastic though, in India, people usually are a fan of a batsman but it gives a different sort of vibe when you idolize a bowling all-rounder. I have, genuinely, been wishing for his comeback in the limited-overs set up since 2017, I know it’s difficult but I have learnt from Ashwin sir to never give up.

J – Which is your favourite Ravichandran Ashwin spell with the ball?

Everyone knows that Ashwin sir can bowl six different variations in an over, but it’s more of the mental skills that put him in a different zone than the other spinners, he keeps on thinking, keeps playing with the batsman’s mind. My favourite spell of Ashwin sir would be, hands down, that magical spell in the morning session of the Melbourne test 2020, where he dismissed Matthew Wade and Steven Smith and put India right on the top.

J – How good has he been during the recent press conference and all the talk about the pitch during this India-England test series?

Ashwin has really been cool, in the press conferences. He is very open-minded and very straight forward too. I think we all would agree with him that we never complained about the kind of pitches they give us when we tour them, but some so-called cricket experts are terming it ‘poor’ lol. The latest press conference of Ashwin sir where he asked the reporter, ” Tell me, what is a good surface” will remain my favourite for a long long time.

J – Tell us about the videos that you posted on Twitter, imitating your idol’s action.

I imitate this action whenever I feel low or whenever I am confused about something. I don’t know the scientific logic behind it but it actually calms me down. So, I thought of posting it on Twitter, to see what cricket Twitter feels about it.

Imitation of Ashwin’s new bowling action. 🎥 – @LoyalAshwinFan_

J – How long have you been imitating his action and how hard was it to get it right?

I have been imitating it right from 2014 (when I became his fan), his action was different then, he changed it in 2015 before the 2015 world Cup, which was a bit easier to imitate. But since he is a thinking tank, he added that new leg-spin variation for which he had to change his action completely in 2018, though he bowls it rarely. Also, who can forget the Malinga-esque action that he used in IPL? So it’s very difficult to copy his action because he always keeps on adding minor changes in his action.

Imitation of Ashwin’s old bowling action. 🎥 – @LoyalAshwinFan_

J – I am pretty sure Ashwin would find a place in your XI, so who are the other 10 players in your dream team?

KL Rahul
Gautam Gambhir
Virat Kohli
Sachin Tendulkar
M.S. Dhoni
Nicholas Pooran
Ravindra Jadeja
Stuart Broad
Mitchell Starc
Jasprit Bumrah

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