“Everyone wishes for the team win in unity” – ICF – 120


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us a bit about yourself.

Name is Gagandeep Singh, a Bookworm turned out to be a CA, and loves his own small world while living with no boundaries in life.

J – What are your early memories of watching this sport?

I started watching it when my Grandpa was watching semi-final between SA and Australia, that was the first match I witnessed, can say forcefully because there used to be no cable at our home but only two channels national and metro, he was cheering for South Africa, I was shouting after every four, he taught me calculating run rate only then with the help of a calculator. That was the most memorable match for me because, after that, I got a bat for myself with MRF sticker on it. I started playing gradually and also watch matches, then came NatWest series, 2003 World cup, India Pakistan series, Australia in India series, so many memories can’t be explained.

J – Now tell us your early memories of playing this game since you did play professional cricket for a brief period of time. 

I became obstinate for it, joined school’s cricket academy, didn’t know that it was costing my father too much, he let me play, after NatWest series final it was early 6th class, it was all hustle reaching school at 6 am playing for 2 hours before school prayers, I was a left-arm orthodox spinner, so out of 4 nets one was mine, 2 hours and different batsmen, practice went for 3 years. Winters session used to be after school 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm. I always believed this life is a gift for me.

J – How was the experience playing in Dharamshala?

I had played many matches before playing in Dharamshala in 2006 November – December, the last series of my life. We played 7 matches there on that pitch, many in Greater Noida stadium. Those 7 matches were the most memorable matches I ever played. Total 17 wickets were in my name and 3 MoM, to everyone’s surprise, I scored fast 36 runs at no. 8 and we won that match. And in one match we were 80-7, we had 30 overs left, enjoyed that day, scored a total of 236 there. We won that series.

J – Must be hard moving on from Cricket, how did you manage?

Had to move on, to be honest, it was costing my father too much and the bubble burst after the Dharamshala series and he asked me to quit to make a career in studies. For me it was shattering, it took me time to move out but I had to, time make you do things that you can never think of, and that’s how time manages things for you.

J – You have CSK as your header, how proud are you to be a part of this franchise as a fan?

I’m very much proud of CSK, I don’t care if they lose, I will keep cheering, will keep making jokes on CSK too because it is easy to make jokes on others’ franchises but not your favourite, so I make jokes on CSK and at the same time wish for them to win.

J – Do you feel they can come back after a poor performance last year in the IPL?

They will definitely come back.

J – Thoughts on Cricket Twitter?

Cricket twitter is good, literally, there is lesser hatred on cricket twitter, so I always wish matches to be played during all days of the year.

J – Why is there lesser hatred on Cricket Twitter?

Because when it comes to cricket, everyone wishes for the fifties and hundreds not only of their favourite players but whoever comes to bat – eventually everyone wishes for the win in unity.

J – Which Cricketer reminds you of yourself?

Amongst the bowlers, it has to be Yuzvendra Chahal, always in a jolly mood, chess lover, etc.

J – Share your all-time XI?

Adam Gilchrist
Sanath Jayasuriya
Sachin Tendulkar
Kumar Sangakkara
Michael Bevan
Jacques Kallis
Lance Klusener
Andy flower
Anil Kumble
Chaminda Vaas
Brett Lee

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