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J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan.

My name is Ed, and I live in London. Cricket has/and is a huge part of my life, I’ve been playing for 25 years, and coaching for 8 years.

J – What are your early memories of this sport?

I played my first game on my 6th birthday (1995), and still play now. I remember watching my dad play when I was very young, as well as being with him and my brother, watching it on tv, either in the early hours because of the time difference, and going to Lords/Oval to watch live.

J – Tell us about your Instagram page and the kind of content that you post there?

InForm Cricket is a page set up to provide players, coaches, and fans a way to learn about the basics, as well as the nuances of the game. We try to be different by analysing the best players, as well as providing game awareness situations, so followers can learn and test their knowledge on the tactics and strategy of the game.

J – How has the journey been so far?

It’s been good fun trying to provide good content. I love watching and analysing the game, and more importantly, trying to put that information in a simple way. We have had steady growth with our follower count and will look to keep progressing to reach more people.

J – What are the things that you look for the most when it comes to analysing any player?

There are fundamentals that all good cricketers adhere to. So try to look for them initially, things like head position when batting, can they play the ball late close to their body, or have a repeatable bowling action. The other part (that most people forget), is that cricket is a decision making sport. We are judged on the decisions we make, and then the execution of those decisions. So we look for the ability to read situations, and also the ability to counteract the situation they are in.

J – Which is your favourite analysis video that you have done till now?

I am a spin bowler, so try to give some analysis on that, as it isn’t as well covered. There was a story about release positions between Jack Leach and Lasith Embuldenyia which I believe is a very interesting difference, especially on different pitches. [Here is the link to the story – Spin Bowling Analysis.] I also like to simplify complex issues, like timing, reading length, decision making, as this isn’t very well documented on the internet.

J – Since you use actual footages for analytical purposes, how do you deal with copyright strikes?

We did get some strikes at the start of the channel. But we searched hard for a contact point in the different media channels, to ask to get whitelisted to use their footage for coaching/analysis purposes.

J – Which player, according to you, is constantly changing his/her technique to become a better player in terms of batting stance or bowling action etc.?

The technique is an interesting one, like I said before, having the fundamentals is so important, but then you add your own flair on top of that. Smith doesn’t have the best technique, but what he does have, is a fantastic ability to work out the threat (how bowler is trying to get him out), the conditions, the situation of the game, and then combat that threat with a clear plan. I like outcome-based cricketers, people who think about how to achieve something, getting the ball in a certain area of the field, or how to hit a wide yorker, and working out their own method. People who get caught up in having the perfect technique (which I have done in the past), are usually more worried about how they look, rather than completing the task of the game, score runs, take wickets, bowl dot balls, win games.

J – Your thoughts on England tour of India so far?

India is always a tough away tour. Challenging conditions, with the pitches, weather and also the quality of the Indian team.

England did very well in the first test match, but as we’ve seen the series was levelled by India outperforming them in the 2nd.

The toss has seemed to play a massive role in the games, which is concerning. You do expect turning wickets in India, but that was bold preparing a dry spinning wicket on Day 1 of the 2nd Test, imagine if Kohli had lost the toss?

Indian spinners are very good and do seem more threatening than the English spinners, this may be to how the batters are playing them, but their consistency seems higher. I am looking forward to the day/night test match to see how the conditions will play.

J – What are your future goals?

Grow InForm audience as much as possible. Some of the latest posts have been ‘Pro Quick Tips’, so really want to keep finding pros to provide some quick invaluable advice, which they learnt for themselves, that our audience would benefit from. This aligns with our original thought of analysing the best players.

J – What is your all-time England XI?

Stewart +

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