Interview of Cricket Fans – 118 – Cricket Analysts


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, what are your early memories of this sport?

I used to watch a lot of cartoon network as a three-year-old would, then fighting with my grandfather and elder brother who used to watch cricket for the tv remote, little did I know that in coming years I will join them and be the one jumping off my chair watching intense cricket action.

It all began in the early 2000s, as a six-year-old during the 2003 ODI World Cup, I remember cheering for team India and crying when India lost the final in 2003 CWC. I remember watching Rahul Dravid bat in 2002 and asking the score to my van driver uncle for school and canteen workers in school. His knocks used to be my favourite and made me fall in love with test cricket. When the odds weren’t used to be in favour of India yet they would put up a great show, those were the things which thrilled me the most. Remember Eden Gardens VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid partnership?…can’t get over in nearly 2 decades later.

J – Tell us about your YouTube Channel and the kind of content you post there? And also tell us why did you start it?

I always wanted to be a cricketer, was difficult to manage studies and all..but all I knew is I wanted to be associated with the game somehow. I used to play fantasy leagues for free during IPL and ICC tournaments. Always used to top my city leaderboards, get good ranks in India and then started with fantasy cricket where I won more than 40 lakhs and thus started my youtube channel to educate people about cricket and the sport I love. Now I regularly post fantasy cricket content as well as cricket match previews.

I started the channel when I realised, a lot of people in the name of paid teams who themselves didn’t know anything about fantasy cricket used to cheat innocent players and thus someone had to come to the rescue. Besides cricket, I am a law student and I really love justice and so I started a big fight against paid sellers for my love of justice and to make people aware of cricket and protect them from the scams.

J – How has the journey been so far?

My journey has been filled with lots of highs and some lows as well, but all I know is this is something I can do 24/7, without even being paid for, I consider myself the luckiest man to follow my passion and do what I love the most in my life i.e playing, talking, writing and most importantly living cricket. People do know Cric11forecast for now, but I hope they know Piyush Arora too.

J – What is it that you like the most whenever you create a video?

Every video is a new challenge for me, I have already proved my work to my audience and have already a loyal fanbase to which I proudly call myself a forecast family captain. Every video for me is a new opportunity to prove to them why I am the best and why they are with the best, I try to be very honest with my audience and true to my word to give the best to my forecast family. I love them and sometimes feel like meeting them all.

J – Would you like to share some tips on how you analyse the selection of players on fantasy apps?

Well, of course, the stats are important, but I feel there is nothing bigger than your gut feel, numbers are important as well. But I am someone who trusts my instincts first … a bit like Dhoni you see. Better do the different thing and lose rather than later cribbing about it.

You can check as many statistics as you want but I feel there is nothing in comparison to watching the game of cricket, the more you watch the better, nothing that comes in comparison to it.

Personally, I feel I care about my audience, this is a reason for my winning percent being over 65, I really want them to win so I keep working on the match and thinking more about a particular match because I hate when my audience loses.

J – Which is your most favourite video you made till now?

On my birthday, I made a biography video of Rahul Dravid, my favourite cricketer, surely I feel it’s one of the most satisfying personally for me though it got lesser views than my fantasy cricket videos.

There was a video I made on paid sellers titled truth of paid seller, as well as a video where I helped an innocent user get his 30000 rs back from a fraud paid seller.

These are probably on top, among fantasy my video on how to win GL in football was probably my favourite.

J – Your inspiration?

Well, I think sports is one of the best things where you can take inspiration for your life from, watching Graeme Smith bat for his country to save the test with a broken finger, watching an athlete run despite his injury during the race and yet completing the same.

J – Your thoughts on your approach and learnings?

Like Rahul Dravid, I never want to take the credit even I do something extraordinary things, being simple is the most difficult thing, according to me, in the current world and I like to be ground like him, as well as to be selfless and generous to my audience like the wall. I love Rahul Dravid and being his fan, I want to promote a gentleman-like attitude because it never goes out of style.

Like his best knock will always include the toughest pitch to bat on, my best analysis requires the most difficult match to analyse. Aggression should not be in words, but in your work and if my audience would notice I am most aggressive with my work and least speaking about my achievements with my mouth. Being a Dravidian never goes out of style.

J – What are your future goals now?

Well, I want to be a commentator, I do feel I have the right voice as well as the charisma to keep the audience entertained, I love talking stats and I might also consider giving umpiring exams to be an umpire in India.

Recently I have done sports marketing course to boost my sports knowledge and wish to talk and write in cricket and thus have started my website.

Fan question by @Rish_Roh – Why I don’t take many differentials in teams?

I think this is a wrong question. I mean to say I do take many differential players, but of course, when you have the responsibility of 1000s and trust of many, I have to sometimes take a calculated risk and ignore a player which I might have taken if I was a fantasy player and not just an analyser. My target is my audience should win and many times we have selected players not a selection by fantasy players and won single-handedly…I mean Kyle Jamieson on debut, Shardul in Brisbane test, I can pretty much say many.

J – What would your all-time XI consist of?

Well, it depends on the format, Jay. But I tell you the captain is going to be either Sourav Ganguly or MS Dhoni and it will surely feature Rahul Dravid.

Assuming it to be test cricket:

Graeme Smith
Virender Sehwag
Rahul Dravid
Kane Williamson
Kumara Sangakkara (WK)
Ben Stokes
Ravi Ashwin
Pat Cummins
Anil Kumble
Glenn McGrath
James Anderson

Special mention to Hashim Amla as well as the great Sachin who would surely be in ODI format team.

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  1. 😀And i am a biggest fan of piyush Arora who is the Captain of forecast family….I learned Everything About cricket By Piyush bhai..& I love this man


  2. Feeling very proud for Piyush Bhai. You’re my inspiration. May God bless you to fulfill all your dreams. More power to you.
    Love you ❤️❤️

    -Rushi Shah


  3. Piyush Bhai owner kehlo ya
    creator of Cric11forecast…
    Jitna bolu utna kam hoga inke bare sayad sabd bhi kam padjaye…
    Down to earth man…
    I know him from past 2-3 years…
    He has helped many people…
    He is king of Fantasy…
    Jitna bhi muje sports me aata he, wo sab inke wajah se he…
    Hum jis fantasy me khelte he, waha ke ye principal nahi trustee he…
    Love 😍 u bhai from bottom of my heart ♥…
    Thank you…

    – Bhai Bhai 1 no.


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