Interview of Cricket Fans – 117


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan.

A warm thank you for giving me this prestigious opportunity. I used to live in a small village in Rajasthan when I became a die-hard cricket fan. I was the only one in my joint family who was this crazy about cricket. I remember when the elder children of our street were playing cricket, I was barely 8 years old at that time, I knew nothing about cricket being an international game. That day, there was no light in our area, so all the children were out there playing cricket with elder boys. An elder brother named “Dhanraj Tailor” who was listening to the commentary on radio shouted, “Jayasurya out ho gaya”. His those words drew all my attention. Everyone went to him and listened to the commentary. Then I came to know that the World Cup was being played between India and Srilanka. Afterwards, the light came, everyone ran to their homes, I too went to my neighbour’s home. I watched cricket on TV for the first time there. When on second ball Sachin took a high catch on covers, my neighbour uncle said, “till whenever we have Sachin, we can win the World cup.” I was listening to a cricket player named Sachin for the first time. Then during finals, we didn’t have an antenna at home. I myself built an antenna and connected the TV to the car battery and that’s how we watched that match. In the end, India lost and I was in tears. My uncle consoled me by saying that it is okay if we lose, don’t be sad. But I decided on my own that I will play cricket for India one day and will defeat Australia. I am a die-hard fan of cricket since then.

J – What are your early memories of this game?

I have many memories of cricket. So one day, just to watch India Pak 2004 series I put onions under my arms whole night so that I would fake a fever and stay at home to watch that match. The India Australia 2004 test series was not displayed on DD National, they only used to display the scores under their channel logo. And I used to keep watching that score whole time instead of watching the news. In the morning, the only newspaper page I used to read was the sports one, and cut out all the players pictures from there to paste on my wall. It was all about cricket in my life, watching cricket, playing cricket, talking only about cricket, reading books related to cricket only. That India Pakistan test series where Sehwag scored a triple century when he on 250 I wanted to watch that live. So I troubled the honeybees by throwing a stone at their beehive so that they would stink me on my face, and I would get swollen eyes and face and therefore I could stay at home for the match.

I listened to the radio in my school. I was the only one who had that MRF Sachin bat in my neighbour-hood, due to which I always got to bat first. Then we shifted to Hyderabad in 2005 and here I joined a school where I practised cricket and played on the district level as well as state level. I met with an accident in 2015 and my journey of cricket took a u-turn. Now I enjoy cricket only by watching on TV.

J – Let me just ask you why is your Twitter name – Sir CA Chahal KirKait Expert (Doctor)?

It was Sir Chahal before. I made parody account just to get rid of my relatives on social media so they can’t find me with my real name. Then people started recognising me by this username only. CA and doctor are just for fun. I am neither a Charted accountant nor a doctor. Kirtkait expert (Cricket expert) only to put my views here on cricket. I am here only for fun, I am nobody to advice Indian team players.

J – Does that mean you are a hardcore RCB supporter?

No, I am not a RCB fan, I think whenever I put this RCB dp, RCB loses that match. I am a hardcore Mumbai Indians fan because all my favourite cricketers played for this team either it is Sachin, Jaysurya, Pollock, Ponting, Rohit, Hardik Pandya, Bumrah or many others. I was a fan of Deccan Chargers (because of Rohit Sharma) and Mumbai Indians. Now I am only Mumbai Indians fan.

J – And does that also mean you are a Virat Kohli fan?

No, I am not his fan, to be honest. I only like his batting skills and class. He has only three shots and he scored thousands of runs with those shots. That’s why I like his batting skills. I obviously do support him. And I am Rohit Sharma’s fan since 2006 when I watched him batting live in Mumbai for the first time from the boundary line.

J – Your thoughts on this current Indian Cricket Team?

My thoughts on this particular team are quite good. Being a 90’s kid everyone can feel this team is what they wanted, a team filled with the spirit of not giving up anyway. They fight till the last like a world-class team. This team is one of the best team ever existed when compared with the rest teams of all decades. They are winning hearts every now and then. Especially under Kohli’s pressure, be it either scoring runs, Bumrah’s wickets, Rohit’s opening stands, Pandya at last moments or Dhoni like dhoni use to do at the start of his career I just love this team.

J – What do you like and dislike about this unit?

I like everything about this team, literally everything. Their enthusiasm, game spirit, skills, fielding, everything except Virat as Captain. He doesn’t know captaincy that well, he only knows aggressiveness, it is not going to win us the match. Observe Ajinkya’s captaincy, Rohit’s captaincy, Dhoni’s captaincy, when they were the captain whole team performed so very well, but during Virat’s captaincy, sometimes it’s batting down, other times the bowling department is not good. We are not seeing the team playing and fighting altogether in big matches and tours. We are winning matches due to our team, not the captain. He doesn’t know even the C of Captaincy. This the only thing I dislike about our current Indian Cricket Team, otherwise, it is the best ever.

J – Do you have any unpopular opinion that you would like to share through this interview?

Rishabh Pant in the middle order is a waste of talent. Team India is underrating his talent, if he plays at the opening position with Rohit Sharma, both can do wonders in the first 10 over and 2nd powerplay. And BCCI underrating Ishan Kishan’s talent.

J – Your thoughts on Cricket Twitter?

Cricket Twitter is all about fun till you troll the trollers, not cricketers. I don’t like trolling cricketers but use them to troll their troller fans. Sabko lagta hai I hate Kohli but I don’t haha, that’s it.

J – What is your all-time XI?

Kl Rahul

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