Interview of Cricket Fans – 114 – Pakistan


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan.

Thanks for having me Jay, well I am not just a regular Cricket Fan, I try to find the elements of satire and sarcasm in everything. Whenever a Cricket Match is going on, I have my Twitter app open in my mobile and I try to amuse my followers through some sarcastic tweets and because of this, if you ask anyone of my mutuals, 90% will say Bajwa is one of the funniest Cricket accounts at the moment.

My Motto is “Shugal Mela Laga Rehna Chahye”

J – What are your early memories of this sport?

Ah, they are a bit harsh. I started watching Cricket properly in 2007 when I was 10 years old. Then you know horrible ODI WC, Bob Woolmer Death and then T20 WC Final Heart-Break. Ohh I just realized I am a jinxer from my birth, and now as I think more of it, it is making me sad. Why you do this to me, Jay?

J – Which cricketer did you idolize growing up?

Umm difficult question really. M. Yousuf I think. As I said 2007 was the year I really fall in love with Cricket and it was full of heartbreaks, the only silver lining I can remember is of M. Yousaf as he just made 1700 runs in a year (most by anyone), won Player of the year award from ICC and his story of changing his religion really made me idolize him.

J – What impact has Cricket made in your life?

Huge, Cricket is my first love. From playing cricket on rooftops to streets to grounds, now sitting on YouTube analyzing the games being played all over the world and learning from great Twitter Analysts, my whole life is revolving around Cricket basically. I am the only one in my family who loves to watch Cricket so I watch Cricket Matches with my Twitter Fam.

J – Sum up Pakistan Cricket in one line.

Haha, that’s too easy:
“One Minute Down, Next Minute Up”

J – That Champions Trophy Final must have given y’all a world of confidence, how did you celebrate that win?

Ahh those days, I still remember I just finished my Bachelors and started a job at this company. All employees there were huge Cricket lovers, even my senior and manager so after we finished our tasks, we gathered around one table and watched the whole tournament with full zeal and excitement. Final was on Sunday and Ramadan was going on, we prayed after every Salah whole day. Though it was an off-day but we (employees) were still texting each other on WhatsApp about match situation and after the win, we called each other and congratulated on the historic win. Though I left that company 20 days after, without giving any notice lol.

J – If you could have one Pakistani stalwart from the past to play in the current lineup, who would it be and why?

Wasim Akram straight, the World’s Greatest Fast Bowler of All Time and that’s the reason itself.

J – How crucial is it for you and the people of Pakistan to have Cricket back at their home?

Cricket is a religion in Pakistan and Pakistani youth have missed celebrating this festival/religion for a long long time. They spent their whole teen years watching them play on TV Screens, but now as CRICKET has finally come back, they have the real opportunity of going to the stadiums and support their National Heroes and favourite players in front of their eyes. You even had seen us filling the stadiums during the last edition of PSL as well.

J – Tell us about your YouTube channel and the kind of content you post there?

Well for those who don’t know, I am running my own YouTube channel named as “Bajwa Kehta Hai”, you can go and Subscribe that too Haha.


Last year I was invited by Lahore Qalandars management at their HQ to participate in their live show and analyze their squad before PSL 5. People who watched that live show questioned me what are you even doing in Engineering field man, leave it and do something about your Cricket knowledge. So from there, I thought to start a YT Channel as part-time.

As far as my content is concerned, it basically comprises of satire and my sarcastic analysis and views. Made some roast videos too, further I give updates and inside news about what’s happening in Cricket World but in a Bajwana Way. People love my exaggerated and dual meaning thumbnails (I love to use Clickbait lol) but many get offended too.

J – How badly is Cricket and it’s fraternity missing the contest between two teams who have shared so much of history together – Pakistan vs India?

Pakistan vs India, it’s bigger than Ashes. How much our youth missed Pak playing at their Cricket grounds, million times more they missed the competition between these two Cricket Rivals. I interviewed some Indian Cricket Fans on my Youtube Channel as well and we talked about same that we have only watched one real series in our youth and that was Pak-Ind 2012/13 series. We are really deprived of some of the best encounters and are the unluckiest generation in this sense. Politics should not rob the joy, entertainment and banter, fans of both teams deserve.

J – Your all-time XI?

I will mostly include players whom I watched playing live.

Saeed Anwar
Adam Gilchrist
Sachin Tendulkar
Virat Kohli
AB De Villiers
Jacques Kallis
Kumar Sangakkara
Wasim Akram
Glenn McGrath
Saeed Ajmal
Shane Warne

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