Interview of Cricket Fans – 113 – @Bees_Kut


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan.

Thank you so much for providing me the opportunity to express my views about this game.

I started watching cricket at a very early age because of my father. My father is a huge cricket fan, he had a collection of broken radios back in the days which he broke every time India lost a match.

I am that type of cricket fan who cried with Kambli in 1996 World Cup, removed t-shirt with Dada in 2002 Natwest Series and laughed with Rahul Dravid in 2004 Multan Test.

J – What are your early memories of this game?

I remember watching the final match of the Independence Cup 1998- India vs Pakistan, I wonder sometimes how I still remember the match as I was just 6 at the time. Sourav had scored a hundred and Hrishikesh Kanitkar played an unforgettable innings, winning the match by hitting 4 runs off the last ball. Now I know that it was also the highest run chase at that time.

J – You were a big Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly fan before and now MS Dhoni is your favourite, tell us how did this transition took place?

To make it clear, I have not started hating Sachin or Sourav. Sachin and Sourav are legends of the game and the reason to love them is so obvious. One is the master of batting and the other a brilliant leader and left-hand batsman who changed the way we play cricket overseas.

While all this is true, I could never relate to them on a personal level. Whereas, in case of Dhoni, I could relate so much with him. He has the same upbringing and has gone through the same hardships that any small town Indian middle-class kid has gone through to play this game and still he emerged not just as a player but went on to become a legend of the game.

J – What about the younger generation? Who is your favourite Indian youngster currently?

Washington Sundar & Shubhman Gill. The way Shubhman Gill & Washington Sundar played in Australia, it didn’t feel that it was their first Australia tour.

Also, Yashasvi Jaiswal is one emerging player who has some serious potential.

J – How does the future of Indian Cricket look like?

The future of Indian Cricket seems to be in very safe hands of Rahul Dravid. This BGT has already shown as a glimpse of how the future of Indian Cricket might look like. It has shown how fearless and mature our upcoming cricketers are. However, we still need to rescue it from average leadership and try some “heavyweight” champions.

J – Your thoughts on the recently concluded BGT series 2020-21?

Unbelievable. It was like watching 300. In our friend circle, we are calling it Team India’s “Ghaav ache hai” campaign. Rahane’s game planning and Virat’s family planning both worked in India’s favour.

J – Tell us your experience of playing Club Cricket as well as Kanga League?

I started playing cricket at the age of 6 with tennis ball like most of the kids. However, it was only at the age of 17 that I started playing Club Cricket. I played for a club in Azad Maidan and practiced in Nerul Gymkhana after shifting to Navi Mumbai.

Playing Cricket in Mumbai is tough and at the same time fun and exciting. Tough because of travelling and lack of grounds and fun because the level of cricket that is played is amazing. You never know that a player you are playing with can go on to play for Ranji or India.

Kanga league is one of the most difficult tournaments in Mumbai. It is played during monsoons when the pitches are wet, and no one has any clue how it is going to behave. Playing in the league was an amazing experience, though I didn’t do good in the league, I enjoyed every match of it.

J – Excited for the upcoming England tour of India? Any predictions?

More than the game I am excited to see Amitabh Bachchan’s “T-2134 Root Ko jad se ukhaad diya” reply on Kevin Pietersen and Michael Vaughan ‘s tweets.

I think India will win the series by 2-0

J – You have a weird story about becoming Virat Kohli’s parody account?

In 2016, I changed my profile as Virat Kohli’s parody but with same handle just for fun. Now Twitter for some weird reason placed my account on top if you searched for Virat Kohli. This led people believing that mine is the real account.
And!!! I started to receive about 500 DMs daily.

While most of them were praising Virat, some of the DMs were weird. A lot of girls sent proposals and a lot of youngsters asked for help regarding cricket, money etc.
I felt it would be inappropriate to reply to these people as they might feel embarrassed to have opened to a stranger. One guy suddenly after 2-3 years who had DMed me thinking I am Virat asked me “who are you?”, I fell off my chair laughing.

I can’t reveal most of the DMs but putting out screenshots of some of the crazy and funny ones.

J – What is your all-time XI?

Sachin Tendulkar
Sourav Ganguly
Virender Sehwag
Rahul Dravid
Ricky Ponting
Jacque Kallis
MS Dhoni (C & Wk)
Shaun Pollock
Anil Kumble
Wasim Akram

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