Interview of Cricket Fans – 112 – Video Editors


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, firstly tell us a bit about yourself as a cricket fan.

First of all, thanks for having me, Jay. As a cricket fan, its everything for me. Started watching from 2005 and from then onwards I just fell in love this sport, I used to think about this sport all day when I was young, didn’t even eat when India lost a match. As a Cricket fan, my best day is 2nd  April 2011. Never felt anything like this before. Worst is 2019 Semi-Final, really expected to win that and the 1st test 36-9. In short, I just love cricket, its everything for me.

J – What are your early memories of this sport?

My earliest memory – it was 2003 WC India vs England match. It was my uncle’s wedding that day so I remember Sachin hitting that pull shot it was my first memory of cricket. From 2005, India vs Pakistan, I started watching Cricket regularly.

J – So tell us when and how did you begin editing cricket related videos?

Okay, that’s a cool story. Though I’m a professional, I never tried or edited anything about cricket before coming to Twitter. It was 2019 India vs West Indies. There is a guy in Kohli FC named freak who used to edit all Kohli videos, so he was my favourite, I was new so he was like a celeb for me. That day Kohli hit 94, so he was busy so he couldn’t edit that innings so that day I started editing, it was my first. Thanks to him that he was busy hehe. And now I’m everyone’s favourite I guess. I didn’t even know how and from where to download videos.

J – How long does it take to make a two-minute edit?

Well, actually depends on music and beats, what clip suits the music mostly. I take 2-3 hours to edit a two-minute video, try to do my best sometimes you have to match the beats so it can take longer but yeah 2-3 hours goes for me.

J – How does music play a role in your edits? And what type of music do you add in your edits?

Music is the most important thing for me. Doesn’t matter how good you edit or which clips you used if music in that video is not right. Music makes you feel the whole video is complete. How music goes on and beats on different clips, music makes it better and you feel it. I don’t like Hindi songs, I use mostly English in my videos or just raw music.

J – Since you are using footages from either Star Sports or Sony, this means your edit would eventually get deleted because of copyright strike, how do you manage it?

That’s a long story, this is my 12th account. Before I used to keep it I didn’t use to delete my videos, I’ve lost 11 accounts it’s really hard to gain followers again and again. I’ve worked very hard for it to bring the best content for people. Now I delete it in 24 hours, hope I won’t lose this one.

J – Which is your favourite edit till now?

My favourite edit will be of Bumrah. It was just so perfect, can’t believe I did that and Kohli one (wana wau wau) that was my first good one so its close to me.

J – Do you follow other accounts who also do the same? Who is your favourite account in terms of edits?

Yes, actually I follow many, they all are good actually, they all sent me messages too like we are learning from you. So I feel blessed to help people. My favourite one and only 123_perth, he is best for me and will always be.

J – Tell us about your favourite cricketer?

When I started watching, everyone’s fav was Sachin, I loved him too. But then there comes a guy from Delhi who was different, never knew this guy gonna change my life. I was very shy scared and used to hesitate to say anything when I was a kid, got bullied too in school. But then I saw him – a 20-year-old guy has guts to say anything to anyone on their faces – that day I fell in love with this guy, he has given me so much confidence in life. Now I’m not scared to say anything to anyone. I hate it when people judge him for his personality or aggression, he has taught me and our new generation how to give it back. This the reason I love him, his batting has nothing to do with that. For me, best days as a Kohli fan would be 2016 WT20 knock against Australia, I want to re-live that day for once and Edgbaston 149 and the day when he won BGT as captain.

Just one wish I have is that I want to see him winning WT20 as captain, that guy has done everything to deserve one ICC Trophy. I can write a whole book for him but that’s enough for now hehe. Just want him to be happy.  Thank you for changing my life. I LOVE YOU!!

J – What do you feel about Twitter?

Okay, so one thing I wanna say is live and let live. People here judge a lot, they have a problem with everything. If someone is happy, let them be happy, don’t copy them or make fun of them, you do what you want just ignore if you don’t like it, it can be cringe to you but not everyone. And I love to share my content here, thanks for all the support guys appreciate it. Made 5-6 good Friends on this app just want them to be happy. Thank you!!!

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