Interview of Cricket Fans – 108

J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of this sport.

My earliest memory I can recall is watching India vs Australia quarter-finals in my school. The boys were absolutely not ready to miss the game by any chance. Seeing them watch the game with such interest and being so passionate about it felt impressive to a 10 year old me. In 2012 I started watching ABD and honestly, I was blown away by his batting skills because of his unorthodox techniques and I couldn’t think of supporting anyone but him.

J – How did it feel getting acknowledged by KP when he liked your reply?

The love I have for him I don’t think it can be described. When it comes to him I am pretty emotional. I love him for the way he is. I feel like I can relate to his personality. I am outspoken and I am not afraid of speaking the truth. First, a few times back in 2019 when he liked my replies, I was on cloud nine. Now it has kinda become a regular. 😉 I think the best time was one of my good friends Sanskar facetiming me from Mumbai when KP was there, I could see him from up close. KP has also seen my stories, it all feels surreal to me.

J – And since you are an England fan, how is the journey been so far?

I’d say my relationship with England Team has been love-hate. For a matter of fact I never really supported them when KP played, at that time I just admired him as a batsman. I was supporting South Africa for ABD and Dale Steyn. But after they retired, looking back at that time I remember getting deeply inspired by Eoin Morgan. The way he built his team and made them World No.1 in no time, I was blown away. I started watching England and I couldn’t stop appreciating the teamwork. The whole team was responsible for its success. For the first time I felt like I wasn’t attached to any player, but a whole team. I wanted to see them win the World Cup, I wanted Morgan to get what he deserves. I am all in praise of Morgan. This team is just perfect.

J – Excited for England tour of India? Also, predict the scoreline.

I am excited, more so over because I may be able to watch them live in my city. As of now, I am not thinking much about it since I’m concentrating on my exams, but I bet its gonna be a cracker every single game. I have no hopes for England in the test series, hopefully, they put up a strong fight. If at all they manage to win, it’s going to be really bad for Virat Kohli and his captaincy status. I hope England can recover well in the ODI and T20 series. I know, they are the better team. For the tests, I predict 2-1 to India.

J – Marnus Labuschagne or Jofra Archer? And why?

I said it and I will say it again, this decade belongs to them. It’s like choosing between your children. I see so much of Steyn in Archer, it’s unbelievable. Archer is already a superstar, a World Cup winner. From now on its only going to get better for him. Marnus is a good boy, people see Aussies as these arrogant pricks but Marnus being a South African (which melts me more), I can’t stand hate against him. He is the total replica of Smith as a Test batsman and I hope he will continue to play the way he does now. In no time we shall see him no.1. I am going with Labuschagne because his journey has been incredible.

J – Do you have an unpopular opinion that you would like to share through this interview?

Honestly, if I ever have an opinion, I always tweet it out. I am not afraid to tell what I want. What people on social media think of me is least bothering issue for me. It’s my personal blog, and If you do not agree, simply be ready for a practical debate or unfollow. I have always said I do not see a GOAT in Virat Kohli, I never will. I may for once acknowledge his batting, but he is the worst Captain I’ve seen in recent times and what baffles me is that he keeps getting away with it. It’s a known fact that Smith is a better test batsman than him, and according to me, ABD offers way more to limited-overs than him. ABD has given his best in knockouts too, let me remind Kohli fans : being let down by your teammates is not called choking. When you score single digits consecutively is called choking and that is not my GOAT. I respect his contribution towards Indian cricket but he is not a likeable character for me. I receive hate daily, new reason every day. I just wanna say that Cricket is just a sport played by 11 men, it is not a war. You fall in love with a player and support his team, it’s as simple as that. Supporting your own country isn’t patriotism the way people think it is.

J – How has your experience been so far in terms of cricket twitter as you seem to be very popular there?

It’s been bittersweet. Sometimes I enjoy, sometimes I feel like I just don’t wanna tweet cricket anymore. It’s the constant “woman’s opinion in sports don’t count” for me. Its the constant misogyny that needs to be stopped. I feel like I am not the only one that targets Kohli, yet I am seen as an easy target and Kohli fans being the different breed they are, they don’t know how to debate professionally. They would make sexist jokes, use your profile pictures to make edits, and think that they did something by doing what they do. Nevertheless, it has never stopped me from speaking my heart out and it never will. My friends themselves can’t stand the hate and tell me to stop, but they know me, they know the hate has never driven me away from cricket twitter and it will remain. Cricket Twitter is a wonderful place barring Kohli fans. The sooner they understand the better.

J – What would your all-time XI be?

I figured out a playing 11 of my favourites, obviously this is not based on any format.

KL Rahul (wk)
Chris Gayle
Kevin Pietersen
Steven Smith /Jos Buttler
AB de Villiers
Rishabh Pant
Eoin Morgan ( c)
Ben Stokes
Dale Steyn
Mitchell Starc
Jofra Archer

Quite a millennial 11 but that’s how I like it. Fast bowlers and unorthodox batsmen ; my way to go 🙂 Thanks a lot for having me, I could finally let some things out which I wanted to for a long time through this interview. I may not be extremely likable character on cricket twitter ( like KP lol ) but the support my friends give me drives me forward.

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