Interview of Cricket Fans – 107 – INDIA

J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, which cricketer’s story inspired you the most?

Thanks for having me, I started watching because of Kohli and when I learnt about his story and how he made it, it was heartbreaking and inspirational at the same time I guess.

We have come to know about a lot of players and how they didn’t give up on the sport even in the most difficult situations and made it big but for me its Virat.

J – So tell us about your favourite player and your journey as a fan of that particular player.

I think everybody knows who my favourite player is but just in case, its Mr Kohli.

My journey as a fan has been crazy, like the usual crazy fangirl phase. I have never denied saying that I got into him because of his looks but it definitely changed over time and I have a lot of respect for him. As much as I love him,
I have witnessed him grow as a player and as a human being as well and I feel so grateful to be able to watch him play.

There’s a feeling of pride and joy every time he achieves a milestone, it feels like a personal win. People often say we are wasting our times on people who don’t even know we exist but to involve yourself so much in someone else’s life is a different experience and I like every bit of it.

J – Your early memories of Virat Kohli?

My earliest memory of him, I think it was some highlights my brother was watching, but the 2011 WC opening game I remember much better. He scored a 100 in that game, his first WC.

J – How do you see Indian Cricket presently?

Indian cricket obviously has a reputation in cricket playing nations which is really great, of course, the women’s cricket could do better I guess.

Its a shame our women’s team haven’t played a lot but other countries have. It’s said that women’s cricket doesn’t provide as much revenue as the men’s team but how would it even happen if they are not gonna play at all? This is really bizarre to me.

J – Apart from Kohli, who is your second most favourite cricketer?

Apart from Kohli, there are so many others I like but I’d say ABD because I also love his bond with Virat. It’s beautiful to watch them bat together.

J – Your favourite format of the game?

My favourite format has to be Tests, I’ll be honest I wasn’t a big fan of this format but Kohli Sahab got me into it and now I don’t like t20s as much as I used to before.

J – What does feminism mean in your opinion?

Feminism in my opinion has been so misunderstood. It began as a women’s rights movement that’s why it’s called feminism but it has evolved over these years and it is definitely not a man-hating movement.

J – Why are people afraid when they hear feminist in front of anyone’s name?

I think because they know that person isn’t gonna tolerate their shitty behaviour and will call it out immediately.

They freak out because they have done something that could make the feminist mad.

J – ‘All men are trash’ is a phrase that has been blown out of proportion in the public’s view, what is the reason behind this, in your opinion?

All men are trash, it’s blown out of proportion by men and the women who want male validation as Twitter calls it. When I say all men are trash, it means that every woman I know has been misbehaved with, by a man. Nobody likes this generalisation but the number is too big to be called separately and if a man has never done anything like this, they don’t have to be offended.

J – As a citizen of India, and as a woman, do you feel safe in your country?

As a woman in our country, no I don’t feel safe. How am I supposed to when the lawmakers and people in power love to victim blame a woman, who think tracking a woman for their safety is appropriate than tracking a man. I don’t travel alone because there’s a constant voice in my head telling me something would happen. I don’t know whom to blame for that, my brain or the laws of the country.

J – How annoying is it when you are walking in public and men creepily start staring at you? Do you get conscious when this happens and does that lower your confidence?

Honestly its not as annoying as it’s scary. I’m a very socially awkward person, always feeling like someone is watching me when I’m out, add to that when there are men looking at you in a certain way, it scares you and your mind starts going to the wrong places. I wish I didn’t feel this way but it is what it is and we can only hope for a better future for the girls and women of this country.

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