Interview of Cricket Fans – 106 – INDIA

J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of this sport.

First of all, thank you, Jay, for giving me your platform to express my views on Cricket.

I am not one of those luckiest cricket fans who celebrated India’s victory in 2007 and 2011 world Cup. I had a lack of interest in this game till that era.

It all started with the 2016 World Cup. Yes, you heard it right. India vs Bangladesh match. Yes, from that last moment thriller India vs Bangladesh match, I found my interest in this sport.

J – What has been the positive impact of this sport in your life?

The most positive impact of this sport in my life is that Cricket has given a lot of role models to a younger generation to whom they can look up and get inspired.

And yes, it implements my life too. My Role Model MS Dhoni. From leading young players in T20 World Cup to winning all ICC Trophies. What he didn’t give to the country yet?

That’s why he is a role model not only for me but for all.

J – Talking about Dhoni, you seem to be a big fan of him since you have kept a picture of him as your header too, few words on him?

Sorry, Jay, I can’t describe him in words. Not only me but for all MSDians, it’s really difficult for us to mention him in words. But I will try –

Calm and Cool having Qualities of LEADERSHIP with cleverness.

I think neither from present nor future, nobody can fill MS Dhoni’s shoes in Indian cricket.

J – He has got all 3 ICC trophies in his cabinet, he also led his team to number 1 in rankings during his tenure as captain, your thoughts on him as a leader?

For me, trophies and success is a result of the process. If your process is in the right way in the games then no one can stop you from achieving these milestones. And yes, Ms Dhoni did the same.

“Captain leading from the front “

You can listen to this phrase rarely for any other captain in his entire career. And Dhoni is one of from them.

J – Your views on Indian Cricket in the present scenario?

Oh, what can I say about Indian cricket? From Rohit to Virat, from Bumrah to Chahal. This team has all the match winners.

If I talk about the present scenario, then I think currently Indian team investing in youngsters from Rishabh Pant to Shubhman Gill. For me, these youngsters can be from the list of great players after 10 to 15 years but Fans are the biggest obstacles for them. Yes, you read it right.

As you know there are a lot of Indian cricket fans across the globe and the basic problem of us fans is comparing. Suppose, if Shubhman Did well in coming days then fans will compare him with Kohli. This will add a little pressure on the youngster. And then what will happen in the next match? He will not perform well because of that pressure and yes Pant is the perfect example of this pressure of comparison.
I want Indian fans to understand that these are youngsters. They aren’t Kohli. They aren’t Dhoni. They are youngsters. Let them focus on their games.

J – Are you in support of Mankad?

First of all, we want to understand what do Laws of Cricket say? The provision to run the non-striker out is clearly laid out in the Laws of Cricket.

According to me, The ‘Mankad’ is a thoroughly fair and legal act. If it is right according to cricket rules then why we are debating on this Rule. Yes, It is wrong in terms of the spirit of cricket. But rule is rule for all cricketers which is needed to be followed.

Overall according to rules and regulations I support Mankad.

J – Your take on fan wars?

For me, cricket exists because of its fans. But fans have to be in a limit. Means fans have the only duty to support a player on the behalf of there performance on the field. After that, no one has the rights to go on the personal life of the players as it is beyond the limits.

But fan wars can make our perspective towards cricket amazing only if fans are quarrelling only on “behalf of performance on the field of a particular player.”

If I talk about my personal life then me and my brother are the examples of this fan war. I am a supporter of CSK and he is of MI. And rest you know how much interesting this rivalry is.

J – Your all-time T20 XI?

Rohit Sharma
David Warner
Virat Kohli
Steven Smith
MS Dhoni (c) (wk)
Glenn Maxwell
Keiron Pollard
Rashid Khan
Jasprit Bumrah
Trent Boult
Mitchell Starc

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