J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, if you had to describe this sport in one word, what would it be?

Answer: Life (Essence)

J – Who is the most entertaining cricketer in the history of cricket?

Answer: Viv Richards

J – Virat Kohli’s cover drive or Rohit Sharma’s pull shot? Pick one

Answer: Virat Kohli’s Cover Drive

J – You are the coach of a team. If you want to draw a test match on the final day, which two batsmen would you rely on seeing the team through?

Answer: Rahul Dravid, Hanif Mohammad

J – Describe Virat Kohli in one sentence.

Answer: A generational talent.

J – Describe Rohit Sharma in one sentence.

Answer: A born leader.

J – Describe this Indian Cricket Team in one sentence.

Answer: The Pinnacle of Hopefulness.

J – James Anderson or Stuart Broad?

Answer: James Anderson

J – Root or Smith (ODI)?

Answer: Currently, Smith

J – Which is your dream stadium to watch a cricket match?

Answer: Lord’s

J – One sentence on BCCI?

Answer: A house of sycophancy

J – India vs Pakistan or India vs Bangladesh?

Answer: Of course, India vs Pakistan.

J – The opposition has bowlers like Pat Cummins, Jofra Archer, Jasprit Bumrah and R Ashwin. Which are your top 7 batters who can challenge this bowling attack?

David Warner
Tom Latham
Kane Williamson
Virat Kohli
Steve Smith
Ben Stokes
Quinton de Kock

J – Describe Cricket in one sentence.

Answer: One line I love the most about cricket is written by Cardus: “We remember not the scores and the results in after years; it is the men who remain in our minds, in our imagination.”

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