Interview of Cricket Fans – 100 – SACHIN TENDULKAR

J – Thank you so much for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of watching this sport with respect to Sachin Tendulkar.

First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity. To be very honest, I was pretty much born into cricket. My father and brother were huge cricket enthusiasts and also admired Sachin a lot, so they’re the ones who made me watch cricket and hence I also started watching Sachin. And once I watched him play, I couldn’t stop myself from loving him and also falling in love with the game. Basically grew up with cricket which has now become an integral part of my life and holds some of my fondest memories.

J – Sachin Tendulkar has united the cricket fans, not just from India but from across the world, and has made India proud. Your thoughts?

Yes, of course, he made our country proud at the international level by creating innumerable records. He inspired generations of cricketers with his impeccable image on and off the field.

Not only Indians, but many international legends of the game have also said that they were inspired by the Master Blaster himself, after all, he is hailed as the GOD of cricket for a reason.

J – In his 24 years of international cricket, he has broken plenty of records and reached multiple milestones, which is that one record, in your opinion, you are proud of as a Sachin Tendulkar fan?

Being a fan of Sachin Tendulkar is an honour and the biggest privilege in itself.

But his record of being the youngest player to score a Test hundred in England, Australia and South Africa is the one record that will always be dear to me because I believe it is a huge deal to achieve something so big at such a young age, which requires a lot of patience and determination.

J – And which record you wished he had achieved?

Even though he has almost all the major batting records in his name but if there’s one record which breaks my heart sometimes or I would like to change in any way are his 28 nervous 90s dismissals in international cricket, they really hurt, otherwise he would’ve finished his career over 120+ centuries, which would’ve been a great finish. But despite all this, he still ended up scoring 100 international centuries in his illustrious career, which is quite remarkable and I will always admire that.

J – Your memory when he reached his 200 against South Africa?

“First man on the planet to reach 200 in ODI’s… And it’s the superman from India!” – These words from Ravi Shastri will always remain etched in our memories. I can never forget this match, i screamed at the top of my voice after he completed his double hundred. This inning will always be extremely close to my heart and will also remain one of my fondest cricket memories. Also, I had to treat my school friends after that special knock, since everyone knew how much he meant to me and the kind of happiness that double ton brought me. I was on cloud nine.

J – Sachin Tendulkar, 100 International Centuries, next best is 71 by Ricky Ponting and 70 by Virat Kohli. Do you think he can beat it? And how many years further will he take if he beats his record in your opinion?

Yes, I do think that he can beat it, and the way he’s playing at the moment he thoroughly deserves it. But his form and fitness will be the key in the upcoming years. As we all know records are meant to be broken, but legacies last forever. Somebody sets records and then someone breaks them. Like Sachin broke his idol Sunil Gavaskar’s records and now Virat Kohli is breaking his idol’s records. It’s just the part and parcel of the game. However, his records being broken can never cause any harm to his legacy as a legend of the game.

J – His documentary released in 2017 was very inspirational to a lot of people in so many ways, what was your biggest takeaway from that?

Pursue your passion and make it your biggest priority and charge-up yourselves to convert the pressure of carrying hopes of a billion+ hearts to a motivating catalyst.

J – 2013 retirement was coming for a while, but it was like a national event and only one name was reverberating everywhere throughout the whole month of November – SACHIN SACHIN!!!

Indeed, Sachin’s retirement was like a national event. The emotion around it will perhaps never be matched. That picture of him touching the pitch after that match in reference summarized the man and the cricketer. Will remain etched in my heart forever, I was quite shattered, to be very honest not just in that moment but also for the entire week to follow, I didn’t even attend college, that’s how emotionally tough that week was for me. And I guess that was the most emotional moment for every cricket fan and especially Sachin fans who practically grew up watching him play. However, I’m glad I could see his legacy unfold in front of my eyes.

J – Your top three SRT knocks?

In Tests, it would be the 241 vs Australia in 2002.

In ODI, I enjoyed 143 against Australia in 1998.

And in IPL, it was the 89 vs RR in 2010.

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