Interview of Cricket Fans – 99 – Mumbai Indians


J – Thank you for your participation in this interview, share your early memories of this sport.

My dad used to watch Cricket and that’s how it all started. I have these faint memories of watching cricket from 2002-2003 time, I was 5 or 6 years old maybe. I can’t recall most of it but I remember Mohammad Kaif did something special in an ODI match against England. I have watched Sachin scoring his 30th test century. Those are the earliest memories.

J – And share your early memories of supporting the Mumbai Indians team in the IPL.

Honestly, I started supporting MI only because of Sachin. He is the reason not only for me but for most of the early MI fans. But 2010 season changed it all, most significant year for MI in my opinion. This team felt different since Pollard just came to MI that year. MI losing that final was heartbreaking for me.

J – They became CL winners before even winning an IPL trophy, your memories of that tournament?

Winning CLT20 was significant, only top teams were playing in it. Pollard and Duminy opting to play for MI instead of their home teams was really special. If I recall correctly, Malinga scored some 37 runs while chasing against CSK and won us the game. Pollard hitting massive sixes – that was fun and the CLT20 theme songs – will never forget that tune.

J – Share your memories of each of the IPL trophy MI won.

2013 – Pollard scoring 60 off 32 balls under pressure saving MI again and Malinga and Johnson’s opening spell.

2015 – Rohit’s 50 off 25 balls that just put CSK in the backseat from the start.

2017 – That Krunal’s knock was epic as it brought MI back in-game and MI defended 129 runs. Honestly, at one point I had lost all hopes when RPS needed 65 runs off 54 balls and 9 wickets in hand.

2019 – Again, Pollard saving MI and Malinga bowling that last over. Few weeks before the final I had told to one of my friends that I want Malinga to bowl final over of final. Malinga, best death over bowler bowling final over of finals and winning it for MI was just the poetic end he deserves.

2020 – MI final broke that even year jinx lol. It was just dominance, literally bullying DC, nothing else.

J – Your favourite year of MI victory and why?

2015, that was an epic comeback after losing 5 out of first 6 games. The first half of the season I was getting trolled by my classmates and then MI started winning, that was special.

J – Your favourite ex-MI player and why?

Ambati Rayudu. In 2010, he and Sachin batting together winning us games to him keeping for MI, scoring 50s when MI needed it badly, scoring 30 (10) kind of knocks whenever required. He literally did everything for MI when the team needed him. He will always be one of my favourites.

J – 2020 IPL, they were just cruising even though this being the most competitive one so far. Must be a good feeling as an MI fan?

Yeah it was a great feeling, most of the experts had written off MI from qualifying and some said MI will barely make it to Playoffs before this season and what MI did this season, I guess no one will ever doubt MI again. They proved they are the best t20 squad in the world.

J – MI against Rajasthan Royals have been poor in the last 5 years or so. Your thoughts?

MI has this weird thing of losing to weak teams. It doesn’t bother me that much. They won 3 IPLs in the last 5 years. MI’s record against DC and KXIP is average too but this year DC was one of the top team and MI defeated them 4 times this year. Losing to RR is nothing, we winning finals that matters.

J – MI have produced quality players in the past couple of years, who impressed you the most?

HARDIK PANDYA AND JASPRIT BUMRAH!!!! These two are priceless. They are one of their kind. There’s no replacement for them. No one even half as good as them exist in India.

J – Share your all-time MI XI.

For me, it’s emotionally difficult now actually, if you had asked me this in 2019 my answer would have been different but as of now my all-time MI XI –

Rohit (C)
Mitchell Johnson

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