Interview of Cricket Fans – 98

Jay – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of this sport.

Started watching cricket when I was 6. Since then, everything has changed. Cricket has taught me patience, discipline. It has taught me how to stay calm during tough situations. YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Jay – Tell us about Indian cricket in the present scenario.

Indian cricket has changed a lot. Hands down this team has become one of the most dangerous teams in the world. Every team has to go through some tough times. But, you have to keep your heads up. We have defeated Australia in Australia. Without a doubt, that’s the biggest achievement. This team has potential. Hope they perform well in the T20 WC.

Jay – Your favourite Indian player from the younger lot?

My favourite young player is Rishabh Pant. One of the most dangerous batsmen in the world. I hate when people compare him with Dhoni. It’ll be hard to find someone to fill Dhoni’s shoes. But, I really think Rishabh will become the permanent WK for India in all formats. He is an incredible talent. He has been under-utilised. First Indian WK to score a century in Australia. This says it all. I want to see him do well in the future.

Jay – Your favourite IPL team?

My favourite IPL team is Delhi Capitals. I just love this team. Have been following them since 2013. This team has everything. Felt sad when they didn’t win the final but its part of the game. I want Dhawan, Ash, Pant, Iyer, Rabada to play for this franchise in every IPL. Hope we bring the trophy home next season.

Jay – What do you have to say about the fan wars here?

My TL is filled with tweets comparing Rohit and Virat. I don’t react but it feels so bad watching a bunch of cricket fans troll two of the best batsmen of the world. We should feel blessed that we are watching them play together. They ruled the last era. But, as Sachin Sir says, when people throw stones at you, you turn them into milestones. That’s what they both have done.

Jay – Thoughts on 2020 Cricket in general?

2020 has been a weird year. Lots of ups and downs but life is all about learning. When I think about cricket in 2020, the two things that come to my mind are IPL and BGT. Witnessed cricket after a long long time. I missed cricket to be honest. BGT was the most awaited series. Just want our team to perform well and win the series again.

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