Interview of Cricket Fans – 97 – RCB

Jay – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of this game.

Well, like every other child in India, I’ve been raised in a family that loves cricket. I remember my dad watching cricket the entire day and I was fascinated much by it, only that it was too much for me to understand the technicals. My clearest memory of completely understanding the game came with the 2011 world cup. It’s nearly a decade now and ever since then I’ve been a religious follower of the game.

Jay – Is there any positive impact of this sport in your life?

Yes, cricket as a sport has taught me the importance of being a team player. It has made me more empathic as a person and have made me respect and support someone who is going through a bad phase in life. Not only this but also, it has made me realise that no matter how bad of a phase you are suffering from, persistency is the key. Only being persistent enough and believing in yourself will get you through.

Jay – Which cricketer’s story inspires you the most?

I think it has to be Virat Kohli.

Virat, someone belonging to a middle-class family in Delhi. A lot like most guys of his age dreaming of playing for the team, only when he was getting better and arching close to his dreams he lost his dad, his support. Struggling through the personal life issues he made it to the under 19 team. Won it, made into the senior team. With a temperament like his, he was a bad boy in gentleman’s game. The number of trolls, targeted hate and failures he received would break anyone. I think it’s commendable the way he matured as a person, learnt from his failures made him who he is today.
I’ve been seeing him as a player from so many years and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else get matured so beautifully over a time. He is practically a youth icon for most people from our generation.

Jay – So you are an RCB supporter for years now, tell us your experience so far and your journey.

RCB has become an emotion to me. I’m overly involved with the team’s success and failure. 13 years of ups and downs and we are still waiting for our first trophy. It hurts when other team fans troll us but then it’s part and parcel of the game.

We’ve had some good seasons and some pathetic ones. It is disappointing when you have likes of ABD, Virat, Chahal and others in the team but you still fail to perform. This time once again we are hopeful for the trophy. Hopefully, next year we lift the trophy.

Jay – Being an RCB fan also means being a fan of the skipper himself, what do you like the most about Kohli in RCB jersey?

The intent to win. The aggression he brings with himself, the way he backs the players even if they have one offseason but most importantly that he wants to lead from the front, he wants to be the one who hits the winning runs and that’s what I adore.

Jay – And what about the blue jersey, your early memories of King Kohli?

My earliest memories of Virat playing in the blue jersey has to be 2011 WC and it was actually because of Virat that I started following cricket religiously.

Jay – Your top 3 favourite knocks of Kohli?

Virat’s maiden test century in Adelaide 2012.
Virat’s 133* in CB triangular series at Hobart
And 55* vs Pakistan in T20 world cup 2016.

Well, as for IPL there are quite a few of them but one that I absolutely love is 109 vs Gujrat Lions in 2016 wherein both ABD and Virat made centuries.

Jay – Like you said that this team has players like Kohli, ABD, Chahal and many other match-winners, yet they haven’t got the success they wanted, what is the reason for this in your view?

I think that even though we have match-winners, the team is overly dependent on Virat, ABD and Chahal to perform. If either of them fails the team falls like a deck of cards.
I also think that the management has to be blamed for it. We don’t really retain most of the players after one or two bad seasons. I won’t be surprised if we don’t have Finch or Phillipe in the 2021 squad. Finding the right combination is the key to win and because we keep trying too much, we aren’t able to execute the plans.

Jay – Imagine you are the coach of this RCB camp, 2021 IPL is just 3 months away, what would you do, what mindset would you inculcate and what changes would you make in terms of selection?

Wow, haha, first of all, I would look at the current team on the paper, closely examine each one of their strengths and weaknesses so that when the camp gets together we can start working on the weakness.

Apart from that, our team only have a handful of experienced players and therefore, for the upcoming auction, I would look at someone who will bring some experience in the team, someone who would lead from the front. So that the big names don’t exert unnecessary pressure on themselves and also so that the team does not fall like a deck of cards.

As per the mindset, I would want the team to forget whatever has happened in the past years of tournament and with the beginning of the new decade, we would rise from the rock bottom.

Jay – Your all-time IPL XI?

Hmm.. that’s interesting.

Rohit Sharma
Virat Kohli
MS Dhoni
Brad Hogg
Zaheer Khan

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