Interview of Cricket Fans – 96 – Sparsh Telang

Link to Sparsh’s YouTube Channel – Cricket with Sparsh!

Jay – Thank you so much for your participation in this interview, first of all, tell us a bit about your YouTube channel.

If I were to answer in a single word – passion.
It was in the breathing space between Grade 9 & Grade 10 – before the 2019 IPL – that I had started my channel, and it was utterly out of my unconditional love and passion for cricket. Contented to see my passion coming through as potential subscribers.

Jay – Last year was the first time I came across your channel, and this year you have also posted videos on IPL previews and more, is this something that you are looking for as a career option in the future?

Not really. As mentioned in the former answer, I started my channel purely out of passion, regardless of any future plans. Presently, the focal point for me is my academics; I’m supposed to write the so-called “Joint Entrance Examination “ in 2022, haha. Although, down the line, possibly yes. We never know. Wherever life takes me…

Jay – How much time does it take for you to make and post the video?

Creating a YouTube video is a demanding task. It requires time, enthusiasm, patience and perseverance.
Preparatory to filming the video, I do my research work (dig statistics, read articles, etc) and then work out a basic script which I proof-read multiple times to try and make it concise and resolve the small mistakes. Then, I dress up (trust me, this is very time-consuming) and start recording. Seldom does it come off in one go since I do end up making some error or the other and thus, it generally takes more than 2 recordings to get it right. Once the filming is done, I export all the videos to my laptop and do the basic editing before rendering the video and uploading it on YouTube.
Honestly, at times a 5-minute video output (which the public sees) can take about 5 hours of prior work (which nobody sees).

Jay – So tell us how did you fall in love with this sport, any early memories you would like to share?

IND vs ENG, 2011 World Cup. I was 7 years old.
We had returned to India from UK (resided in Belfast for about 4 years) and I was at my native place While everybody else, for obvious reasons, was supporting India, I, for some reason, was rooting for England – haha – maybe because I had spent more than half of my life in Northern Ireland. Zaheer’s death-overs masterclass rescued India that night, otherwise, England was in a commanding position at 280/2 after 42 overs.

Though I claimed to cheer for England, as every wicket fell, I felt contented, which means that deep down, my heart was with India. Ultimately, the match ended in a tie and I was an incredibly happy boy, haha.

That was my earliest memory with the sport.
How did I fall in love with cricket? I have no idea. It probably was just meant to be. Nobody in my family is an ardent cricket fanatic either.

As my Twitter bio says, “Between ‘B’ for ‘Birth’ and ‘D’ for ‘Death’, there is a ‘C’ for ‘Cricket’ that I am living for.” It just happened, and I’m glad that it did.

Jay – Did you get a chance to watch an international match live in a stadium? If yes, what was the experience like?

It wasn’t an international game, but it was an IPL game in 2016 – SRH vs DC, Raipur.

I don’t remember much but the atmosphere was electrifying. Warner scored a half-ton in the first innings, but Karun Nair stole the show; played a sublime knock chasing a tricky total and took Delhi home on the final ball. Besides, I must say that Raipur is one of the most underrated cricket stadiums in India. All in all, it was a very good experience.

Jay – Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma? And why?

Virat & Rohit, both are stalwarts. Both of them are giants in Indian cricket.

While Kohli unarguably is head and shoulders above Rohit in Test-cricket, I personally rate Virat higher in white-ball cricket also. That said, no disrespect to Rohit. His white-ball record speaks for himself, particularly in ODIs – since 2013, his average in a calendar year has ne’er dropped 50, which is remarkable.

Also, to all the Virat & Rohit fans who engage in fights, I’d just want to say that it’s futile and ridiculous. Rather than brainlessly quarrelling over who’s better, we all should consider ourselves to be fortunate enough India has two potential all-time great batsmen representing the nation, that too in the same era.

Jay – Experience of being an RCB fan.

Every season begins with hope. We – fans – know that the same story is going to repeat but yet, we’re all hopeful/optimistic at the start. But as the end of the league stage approaches, we all have our calculators out as we indulge in intense calculations to look for all possible and even the slightest and rarest of chances that the team has to make it into the playoffs.

In short, it is not easy, lol! Be it your friends (even though some of them don’t understand the sport), Twitter mutuals, Facebook group members, BTS fans (lmao!), etc, the entire globe mocks us, hahaha.

But that said, RCB is arguably the most entertaining IPL franchise and irrespective of their performances, we – shameless RCB fans – won’t stop supporting them.

Jay – Agle sala cup namdhe?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Since there’s no mega-auction, there’s no stopping the Mumbai Indians. But that said, if RCB has a good auction and ameliorate their squad, they can pose a serious threat to all other teams.

They arguably possess the best Indian core in the league – Virat, Chahal, Devdutt, Siraj, Sundar, Dube, Shahbaz, Saini – which is pivotal if you want to succeed. If they can add a quality overseas speedster (no slower-ball merchant) and a quality overseas middle-order batsman (who plays spin well), they definitely will walk into the playoffs is what I believe. What happens in the playoffs? Well, I believe that it depends upon how you play on that given day.

So, yes, if they do have a good auction (which they shall in the presence of Katich & Hesson), they might stand a chance is what I believe.

Jay – Your all-time RCB XI?

KL Rahul
Ab de Villiers

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you guys liked it. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on my name @bhavsarJ2_0 and make sure you don’t miss out any other cricket related interviews.

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