Interview of Cricket Fans – 94 – Pakistan

Jay – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of cricket.

Thank you for this opportunity. I am very delighted and honoured to be a part of this. Its a good experience sharing my cricket stories with all.

Cricket is very popular sports among Asians, so every cricket match turns into an “EVENT” especially in my family. I feel, a cricket match is not just seen, it’s celebrated. All of my family members used to gather and cheer up for their team and enjoy. That’s when I started watching cricket.

Jay – What is it that you like the most about this sport?

Well, it’s a tough thing to specifically tell what I like about cricket as there are so many reasons. I just enjoy watching it because it’s a kind of an optimistic game. I love it because it diverts all of my negative or stressful thoughts out of my mind and it gives a whole day full of enjoyment. To me, its a kind of thrill movie, with a climax at the end, full of suspense. All I can say is that it hooks you up and once you start watching it, there’s no coming back.

Jay – Which cricketer’s story inspires you the most?

There are a lot of struggle stories in this field and I think passion is always chased through struggle. What inspires me the most is of SHOAIB AKHTAR’S struggle. The way he went through all of the odds just for his passion for cricket, always inspires me and makes me believe the fact that “TALENT ALWAYS FIND ITS WAY THROUGH PASSION”.

Jay – You said you show interest in cricket through arts and diaries, tell us a bit about it.

I used to do art and craft stuff as a hobby. So one day, I came up with an idea to merge up my art skills with cricket passion. And I started making PSL 2 DIARY. I used to collect pictures of every match from newspapers and pasted it and wrote memories about any fun moment in the match. And when I tweeted about it, the response was overwhelming and cricket fans enjoyed it a lot and then I started working on it more passionately. It was fun, to be honest.

Jay – Tell us what sort of reviews you do on Cricket?

Well, I am not a cricket expert, I just tweet while enjoying cricket so they are my personal opinions and a fan-made post-match reviews… I usually discuss matches with my father and then review on the team conditions, match mistakes, selection opinion, etc.

Jay – Who is your favourite player currently? One from Pakistan and overseas.

Currently, a lot of players are my favourite, Babar Azam, Imam ul Haq and a long long list. But if I have to choose one, it would be IMAD WASIM, he is my favourite because of his positive approach towards the game and the way he tackles difficult conditions, he has good captaincy skills and surely a match-winning player. And to think of someone other than Pakistan team – KANE WILLIAMSON is my favourite. No doubt, he is a consistent player and a very mature captain.  And I am following him since World cup, so I am a fan of his batting style and his sportsman spirit.

Jay – Views on Pakistan-India rivalry?

PAK-IND rivalry has always been a matter of interest between two nations since forever I guess but there’s no other opinion than that, the matches between the two always entertain us with a very good game. The match between two becomes a battle (ironically), and the audience is emotionally involved in it, that makes it more than just a game. Otherwise, it’s just a heat of the moment and we should enjoy it as a game. I enjoy watching it and I hope to see more games between them in near future.

Jay – There is something about Pakistan in English conditions, a different team turns up there, why is that so?

Yes, Pakistan team is not good in English conditions, because, our team doesn’t seem to get much series or counties in English lands. So that’s why our batting line up is not much trained over fast pitches, I think this is making a difference. Otherwise, our bowlers are in very good form and very well used to fast pitches, so I hope, we will rock in New Zealand series.

Jay – Your all-time XI?

My playing XI from the players I have watched:


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