Interview of Cricket Fans – 92

Jay – Tell us your early memories of this sport.

My family says I have watched the World Cup 2003, but I honestly don’t remember anything from the tournament. Don’t doubt my memory, I was just six at that time. So I would say my first memory of cricket is Pakistan vs India series in 2004. That series was a gift for cricket lovers and for me, the answer to ‘why is everyone around me so crazy about this game?’. From copying Balaji’s bowling style to putting dives for no reason in gully cricket like Mohammad Kaif, I took away a lot from that series. Proper entertainment.

Jay – What is it that you like the most about this sport?

When your life revolves around something, such questions are difficult to answer. There are a lot of things to love about cricket. You never learn enough about his sport, and also the variety in cricket makes it even more loveable. A new viewer might find it difficult, but those who have watched the game for a while now would definitely love the variety. In one format you would shout “why is he bowling the same length repeatedly” to “why isn’t he holding the same line” in another one. It’s fun!

Jay – Which cricketer’s story inspired you the most?

Well, of course, you know, MS Dhoni. The more I got to know about his journey, the more inspiring it became. From his struggling days to his glory days, I liked how he reacted to each situation.

Jay – Tell us about your Twitter account, so your bio says one must wear a helmet, pads and gloves before reading my tweets, basically, you bowl fast bouncers in the form of tweets?

You can say bouncers because most of the time the tweets go over the head. People misunderstand the tweets and eventually get ‘hurt’ by them. But these are the people who aren’t following me for a long time or haven’t traced the pattern of my tweets. Those who are around for a while know the tweets are senseless and not harmful. Lucky to have a good bunch of sane followers and mutuals.

Jay – And why Farzi as your username?

Everyone in India is a cricket expert. I’m too, but a fake one. With limited knowledge of the game and a lot to learn, I thought ‘FarziCricketer’ would be the ideal username for me. Also, I tried to simplify it for the people who take my tweets seriously or miss the obvious sarcasm sometimes. Like just look at my username and don’t take the tweets seriously.

Jay – During the IPL, your profile changes from blue to yellow which suggests that you are a massive fan of CSK, tell us your early memories of being a fan of this franchise and your experience.

Don’t know about massive, but I’m definitely a very emotional CSK fan. During IPL, I get into a different zone and I like it. So, like most of the fans who aren’t from Chennai, I also started supporting CSK because of Dhoni. It was 2008, a similar league like ICL was coming, and this time with more recognized faces. “Where is MS Dhoni? CSK? Okay, let’s support them”. The memories are very good, especially from the school assembly when no one would argue as soon as I start talking about CSK.

Like any other fan, I also lived the ups and downs with the franchise. Although I was a hard-core fan since the first season, I realized I was truly attached to the franchise and not with only Dhoni after the two-year suspension. I had no urge to back Pune even though they had MS with them.

Jay – Few words on thala?

Few words? I can write a book on him, but will leave him with just two words, ‘special cricketer’.

Jay – Do you feel it has become too much with all the trolls and memes on players because of IPL which has brought a sort of a divide amongst fans?

I only agree IPL has given a push to the memes and trolls. But even if there wasn’t IPL we would have still seen trolls and memes on players. Also, memes are a way of criticism for the new generation. A cricket pundit would say a player is unfit or out of form, and a memer would try to show the same through memes.

About crossing line, there is always a section of fans in any fan group who would do it. I’m not talking about cricket only, even in Bollywood fans. As long as the audience is accepting the over-the-top memes and trolls, the meme makers won’t stop. So blaming IPL for harsh trolls isn’t entirely correct, it mostly depends on individuals and what line they have drawn for themselves.

If you say IPL has divided fans, I would say yes and that’s how it should be but only for two months. Some get carried away even after the IPL is over.

Jay – Who is your favourite cricketer amongst the younger generation?

Not favourite or like that, but I liked watching Ravi Bishnoi and looking forward to seeing how he shapes up in the future.

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you liked it. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on my name @bhavsarJ2_0 and make sure you don’t miss out any other cricket related interviews.

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