Interview of Cricket Fans – 89 – Rohit Sharma

Jay – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of Rohit Sharma.

First of all, thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I was a cricket fan since childhood but I started loving Rohit Sharma since IPL 2013. He was the leading run-scorer for Mumbai Indians that season and lead his team to first-ever IPL Trophy. I loved his confidence and batting style and this made me his fan. Since then I started following him.

Jay – Describe what you think about Rohit Sharma in your words.

Stanning Rohit has been the best thing I did in the last couple of years. He taught me to stay calm, He taught me to stay down to earth no matter how big you are. His positive influence has made a lot of changes in me. I have an emotional attachment with him and that can’t be described in words.

Jay – Being a Rohit Sharma fan, how does he inspire you in your life?

Rohit belonged to a poor family, he had countless challenges in his childhood. He overcame all of them and now he is one of the best cricketer going around. This thing actually inspires me a lot. As all of us know that Rohit had a rough patch in his career before he was promoted as an opener but his hard work, determination towards game made him one of the finest. So I always follow “Work hard and you will automatically get success”. His never give up attitude makes him special. And I try to follow it.

Jay – Rohit Sharma the batsman has shown why he is a white ball giant and he has also evolved as a player especially after opening for India, few words on his batting proficiency?

Elegant, sheer class and poetry in motion. His shots are full of class and that makes his sixes look so beautiful. He knows how to run a game, he takes his time and accelerates at right time. This makes him a quality player. One simply can’t be destructive with class written all over unless you are Rohit Sharma.

Jay – Rohit Sharma the captain, 5 IPL trophies just shows how much he has dominated in the toughest franchise league ever, few words on his captaincy?

Brilliant, winning 5 trophies in just 8 years in the world’s toughest cricket league isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. He backed his players and now they are performing well for the franchise as well as the country. He reads the game very well. He knows how to use his resources. He believes and gives confidence to players if they had a bad day. He is a good tactician and stays calm under pressure and this is enough to describe how good he is a captain.

Jay – Do you feel a sense of regret because Rohit Sharma hasn’t been a full-time captain for India in any of the formats?

Absolutely, it does, people say International cricket is different from IPL but he has proved himself even in International. He won the Nidahas Trophy with an inexperienced team. He also won the Asia cup and many bilateral series. He is the guy who will give you Trophies and World Cup’s which we haven’t won since 2011 if made captain.

Jay – Which stat of Rohit Sharma are you most proud of?

Almost every stat or record makes me proud to be honest but a special one is :- “He is fastest to score 2000-9000 ODI Runs”.

He started opening when he almost had 2000 Runs in ODI’s. This stat speaks about his greatness in this format.

Jay – Your favourite knock and favourite shot of Rohit Sharma?

1) 209 vs Aus in Series decider
2) 122 vs SA in world cup 2019
Favorite shot is Obviously Pull Shot

Jay – Which fast bowler are you afraid of the most whenever Rohit Sharma is batting?

To be very honest I’m always nervous and afraid when he bat’s no matter which bowler is bowling. I’m nervous even if Rohit’s record against that particular bowler is good.

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