Interview of Cricket Fans – 88 – VIRAT KOHLI

Jay – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of Virat Kohli.

Firstly thank you so much for giving me this opportunity even though you messaged me on my fan page and didn’t actually know it’s me haha. My early memories of watching him play is 2011 world cup match against Bangladesh. Still remember my father saying “Aaj Sachin nahi toh isne 100 maar diya. Badhiya.” Since then I’ve started following cricket and his game regularly.

Jay – Describe Virat Kohli in your words.

He’s someone who on 2/4/11 said “He’s carried the burden of the nation for 21 years, it was time we carried him”, and now in 2020 I can say he meant that literally. Coming in at one down for the ICT, he’s the kind of player who takes the game away from the opposition from nowhere. A complete match-winner with 50+ avg. in all formats of the game. The chase master, the leader, the King; Virat Kohli, not only on the field but off it too.

Jay – Being a Virat Kohli fan, how does he inspire you in your life?

The best quality that I’ve learnt from him over the years is self-belief. Right from the way he backed himself after his father’s demise. I mean – wow. The 2014 England test series and oh the 2015 rough patch and all trolls targetting him and his lady. If he didn’t believe in himself back then, I don’t think we all would get to witness his peak. I personally went through a lot due to health & family issues which affected my studies and mental health a lot. And I guess his interviews and this whole journey has inspired me a lot to stay calm and just believe in myself. Still remember him saying at the Oberoi Mall “Jahan pe bhi aap hain life me just believe in yourself and anything is possible”

Jay – There are many stories surrounding Virat Kohli in terms of his batting growth, on-field banters, his personal life, etc. Which story inspired you the most?

The Aussie crowd and their favourite Kohli’s story I’d say. Back then in 2012 when he showed his middle finger to the crowd and then in 2018 he doffed his hat to the “Kohli is a wanker” chants. Class act.

Jay – I saw a clip where an Indian fan kept asking for an autograph of Team India members but no one except for Virat agreed to sign, shows how humble he is, doesn’t it?

Yes indeed. There are many clips where he’s seen treating the interviewers and his fans so nicely. Many of his teammates and almost every cricketer has praised him time and time again for his humility and chilled out nature off the field but still, people find a way every time to portray his aggression as arrogance. It pisses me off every time but as long as the main man himself is unbothered about all this, it’s fine.

Jay – People are saying his aggression has gone down in the last year or so, personally I don’t think it has gone down, but do you feel that way? Do you feel Virat should bring his older version of himself to get back to form?

Almost all of us have been his fan since his early days. Batting was one reason of course but his antics on-field & him reacting on every little thing was also one big reason. Over the years he has grown, yes, and now he’d obviously not react like a 20-year-old Virat after getting out. He knows he has reached a certain level and is satisfied where he is in my opinion. So yes the aggression has gone down a bit, as an adamant fan, I’d want him to bring his older version back but people grow with their age and so now it is what it is.

Jay – Which stat of Virat Kohli are you most proud of?

There are many but 973 runs along with four 100s in the 2016 IPL is what I’m most proud of. Not only his numbers were but his will to win anyhow despite having stitches in his hand was so amazing. I don’t think anyone’s gonna break it.

Jay – Your favourite knock and favourite shot of Virat Kohli?

Tests- 141 at Adelaide. A captain’s knock in the 4th innings. So in love with that hundred.

T20Is- 82* at Mohali. No brainer.

ODIs- 123 at Ranchi vs Aus and 122 vs England at Pune. Can’t choose one.

Favourite shot of Virat Kohli is flick shot. He’s gotten out while playing it quite a few times recently but I still like it a lot.

Jay – Which fast bowler are you most afraid of when Virat Kohli is batting?

Southee, Sandeep Sharma and now Hazelwood too I’d say.

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