Interview of Cricket Fans – 86 – M.S.Dhoni

Jay – Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories and how you fell in love with this sport.

I don’t quite remember because I was very young but I remember my grandfather was very passionate about Cricket. We didn’t have T.V. back then so we used to listen to the commentary via radio and that’s how we used to keep track of the games back then.

Jay – Who is your favourite Cricketer?

My favourite cricketer is M.S.Dhoni. I like Suresh Raina too, both of them are great players and are legends.

Jay – What are your memories of each of the ICC event India won in the last 13 years?

During the 2007 T20 World Cup, I remember the whole family was watching it together that time. I was very young at that time and wasn’t much aware of what was going at that time but my mother said that we shouldn’t lose against Pakistan. And when that last wicket fell, when Misbah got out, everyone were just celebrating and it was a great atmosphere to be in.

During the 2011 World Cup final, we turned off the TV as soon as Sachin Tendulkar got out. But we switched it back on after an hour to see Dhoni and Gambhir getting us across the line. Still remember our school sir distributed sweets after that win the next day.

When it came to 2013 final, I was old enough to understand a lot of things related to Cricket which also meant me crying when India wasn’t doing well and Morgan and Bopara partnership was hurting us a bit. But thanks to Ishant Sharma as he took the wickets of both the batsmen and still remember our neighbours started banging drums and everyone were shouting and screaming in joy, it was a good turnaround for India.

Jay – Thoughts on M.S.D the captain?

Bro, he is fire, it’s really tough to describe him in words. Always felt happy seeing him perform and give his best for the Indian team and also when CSK used to do well. Regarding the overseas test centuries, well I could say that could have been improved but it’s something that not a lot of people talk about it.

Jay – Your top 3 MSD knocks?

Chennai test, 224 against Australia
Mumbai final, 91 against SL
113 against Pakistan in 2012.

Jay – Your reaction when he announced retirement on 15th August, 2020?

I was crying late night till 2-3 am. We all knew this was coming, we all knew he won’t play a lot now but I still feel he deserved a farewell at least.

Jay – If he were to play a farewell match, against which opponent would you prefer watching him play?

If it’s ODI, then against England, it would be fun as it would be high-scoring and I would imagine he would finish things off in style with a 6 and then he would retire, it would be a perfect ending for the great man.

Jay – Your experience of being a fan of CSK in IPL?

So good, we have won so many trophies with this franchise but those two years of gap between 2015 and 2017 was a bit painful. But that 2018 victory turned all our pain into happiness as we got to lift an IPL trophy after a long time, yes there were heartbreaks like 2019 IPL for example but this is a sport and it happens.

Jay – Which season of IPL was your favourite in terms of CSK lifting the cup?

2018. It has to be. Nothing comes close to this. Never knew we would win a cup with a team like this as the players were a bit old and they were playing after two years and I have to say the team was looking weak on paper.

Jay – Your all-time XI?

Rohit Sharma
Sachin Tendulkar
Virat Kohli
Jacques Kallis
Yuvraj Singh
M.S. Dhoni
Glenn McGrath
Jasprit Bumrah
Kuldeep Yadav
Mitchell Starc

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