Interview of Cricket Fans – 85

Jay – Thank you for your participation in this interview, what is your earliest memory of this sport?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come here and share my experience amongst you guys, it’s an absolute delight to be here. Let’s get underway then, well the earliest memory I can recall is India’s 2007 T20 World Cup victory, the whole T20 World Cup seems to be still fresh in my memories, it was a memorable one for a 7-year old boy, it kicked off the passion for cricket in me. Your home team, your country winning something big as the World Cup and that too the first edition, so it’s something really close to me and my heart.

Jay – What is the positive impact of cricket in your life?

If I look into the positive impacts on my life, that would be many I guess. Cricket has always taught me to give my best and never give up in life. You’ll be tested in life and in different circumstances but just like Cricket, you’ve to beat the odds and come over to give your best, tougher the conditions, better it tests you. Apart from that also, cricket has taught me to always be passionate for a particular thing, no matter if (your favourite player/team not performing well) the results aren’t satisfactory, you should never stop believing in yourself.

Jay – So tell us about your journey on Twitter and how it all started.

I remember it was a night of 3rd April 2015, I was in front of my TV watching it and playing the game simultaneously with my phone in hand. Sony was running some show before the IPL, Amol Muzumdar and Gaurav Kapoor were the anchors. They were talking about the IPL and then they started showing some tweets of tweeps on TV, they were saying use their hashtag and your tweet might also feature on TV. It all started from there. The very moment I installed Twitter, made this account and tweeted to them, and luckily my tweet got featured on TV. Haha! From then onwards I started using and slowly and steadily, I used to do troll tweets also earlier on my account, but completely decided to stop it since I realised it just posses negative impact.

Jay – There are times where mistakes happen and there have been a couple of them made by you. You also apologise which is a good thing to do. Is there pressure whenever you tweet anything about updates now?

To be honest, YES, there is pressure. When you get some recognition from all these kind people, you’ve to make sure that what tweet has to be accurate otherwise once you lose the trust of guys who always look up to your tweets for authentic news, it’s pretty hard to gain back that trust. I’m completely with the guys here, I’m neither a journalist nor I belong to any officials, it’s all thanks to the websites and journalists who do such hard work to deliver news first. Coming back to the point, if people follow me in such huge numbers and they expect accurate news from me, then I have to be spot on with it, there’s no room for any error, even a small mistake might hurt some people’s sentiments and upset their mood. I clearly remember one incident from the IPL, I tweeted about Rohit Sharma that he’s been ruled out without verifying with the second source, that was probably the biggest mistake I ever did. I read the tweets of fans below that, all were hugely upset with that and fairly so, I made their day probably the worst with that news. I totally owe them the apology, I clearly learnt from the day that I cannot put up stuff like that without verifying with the official source, I’ve to be accurate if I’m doing it. Apart from pressure, the appreciation I get from all these lovely people over the time which inspires me a lot, they all have been super kind to me, so yeah it feels great as well to share my time with such wonderful tweeps who always supported me on what I do here.

Jay – Does it annoy you when people keep comparing you with Johns?

Well, not annoying I would say because I believe the comparison should be between two equal competitors. It doesn’t annoy me but inspires me that I’ve been put in the same bracket as Johns, though I don’t deserve that at all.

Jay – What sort of challenges do you face here on Twitter?

The one thing I’ve to make sure that I state my opinions just as opinions and not as fact, there have been times I’ve tried stating as fact. I understood way back that my opinions are entitled only for me, so I don’t try to make a statement out of that. Also, you can’t take anything for granted, I’ve been too lazy replying to tweeps on their questions regarding various updates and news, but I’ll surely try to answer each of them now. Their support is the thing that matters most to me, if not them I could’ve never been capable enough to be considered in the same line of Johns.

Jay – What is it that you like the most about what you do?

I think it brings special happiness to passionate fans, yes there is negative news also like someone getting injured or ruled out, but keeping that aside, when there’s good news, the whole Cricket Twitter erupts in joy, their happiness can be visible in tweets, I love to read them out, I love to see people happy, so this is one thing I take it as a pro from what I do.

Jay – Chris Gayle is your display picture on Twitter, few words on him?

He’s the universe boss, my words will be short explaining him. He’s the first cricketing idol for me, the 2007 T20 World Cup century made me his massive fan, he’s the greatest T20 batsman without a question. He made mine and so many of kids childhood special with those brutal hitting and unreal dominance.

Jay – What do you do apart from Cricket and Twitter?

I’m currently studying engineering and I’m in the 2nd year of that. Apart from that, I’ve been looking for a part-time job at cricketing sites also, let’s see how it turns out to be.

Jay – Fan question by @BeingChandler_ – One thing you like about @CricCrazyJohns?

Well, that has to be the toughest question I believe! His commitment I would say I simply unreal, his passion for the game is of next level. You would see many even the passionate ones following the games of their team or important games only, but Johns is probably someone who would watch anything and update us on that. He’s probably the most enthusiastic cricket fan I’ve ever seen in my life. Let me be honest, there’s a massive hand of Johns on me being watching and delivering news, he’s the guy who inspired me to watch the game closely. Earlier I wasn’t able to tweet news and updates on a regular basis, but Johns is someone who pumped me up to follow the game closely. His dedication for the game is commendable, you would hardly find such passionate guys. He deserves every bit of credit he gets and even more for the work he’s always put on. It’s my honour that people think I can get compared to Johns, he’s a super amazing guy and the most humble being on Twitter.

Your test all-time XI?

1. Virender Sehwag.
2. Chris Gayle.
3. Rahul Dravid.
4. Sachin Tendulkar.
5. Virat Kohli.
6. AB De Villiers.
7. Adam Gilchrist.
8. Ravi Ashwin.
9. Dale Steyn.
10 Glenn McGrath.
11. James Anderson.

Jay – What message would you like to pass to Riya through this interview?

She’s very important to me, my best friend and probably the closest to me. Something about her which always runs me up, she’s energetic and her presence is electrifying. Well, I obviously cannot explain that lady in words because she’s probably the salient part of my life. The purest soul I’ve ever seen, she’s the best thing happened to me. We shared some amazing laugh together, she’s pretty awesome in everything. Hardly remember anything where she failed to mesmerise me, I’m pretty thankful that I’ve someone like her with me who’s always up to check on me. I can never forget each of the time I’ve spent with her, she’s whole different gravity. I call her bestest, and I’ve enough reasons to prove also.

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you guys liked it. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on my name bhavsarJ2_0 and make sure you don’t miss out any other cricket related interviews. There might be a possibility of a Dual Interview between @CricCrazyJohns and @mufaddal_vohra in the future.

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